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  1. 12 seconds of testing Houdini

    Thank you! Here are some new projects I haven't shared in here yet.
  2. 12 seconds of testing Houdini

    Hi everybody! Since I started to share a few of my projects in here, I thought that I just carry on, even though the "12 seconds.." title is not fitting anymore. Here is my latest work, enjoy!
  3. http://ibi.ac.ir/ff92c

  4. 12 seconds of testing Houdini

    Thanks guys! If you are interested, you can also check out the project "nex" I was working on with two fellow students. The main tool used for this project was Houdini and everything was rendered in Mantra Here is a still of the short. On the facebook page you can find some more stills and also a few movie clips about the project. The final film will be released after the festival run. https://www.facebook.com/NexShortFilm
  5. Hi everyone, here are two very short clips I've created using Houdini and Mantra. I hope you like them
  6. Hi guys. I finally managed to get everything going using mysql, there was an error holding me back, but with the latest build of houdini SESI solved that problem. Now my web interface is more responsive. I think that it is still a bit slow, but it is usable
  7. A brief update for those who are interested: The support helped me to cut down the possible reasons of my problems to two causes. Either my ethernet card or the connected switches cannot handle all the traffic, or, like Emmanuel already pointed out, it is a database problem. Tomorrow I will check my hardware once again and if everything is alright, I will try to migrate to mysql. If someone in here already migrated from sqlite to mysql on windows and has helpful tips, it would be awesome, because the tutorial on the help page is only for linux
  8. Thank you Benoit, that is the same answer i got from the support, but that was not the solution for me. They told me that they will contact the developers. I will report back if they can solve my problem.
  9. I was planning to do that. Hopefully you will hear from me soon
  10. Thank you very much Emmanuel for the fast reply I am going to do that. All the best, Philipp
  11. Hi guys, yet another HQueue problem. My team and I expanded our university's renderfarm and now we're at about 100 clients. Everything is working great, but the web interface of the HQueue was getting slower and slower with each client we added and is now it's nearly unusable... We've tried different browsers (chrome, firefox, internet explorer...) but nothing changed. Our setup is pretty much the one suggested by SESI in the help section, so the shared folder and the hqserver are two different machines. Do you guys know this problem, or maybe even have a solution for it? Thank you, Philipp
  12. no need to reply anymore, I found the solution by myself
  13. Hi guys, I’m new to this forum and to houdini I am working on a setup to fracture a tower consisting of a couple of pillars and platforms. My setup of the pillars basically looks like this: -geo -file -copy -foreach - subnetwork - fracture setup - subnetwork - glue setup -dopimport The goal is to have as many pillars to fracture as I want (on top of each other to form a tower), but the problem is, that if there are more than 1 pillar, the dynamics behave very strange (if one pillar is hit by something all of them react etc...). I think the problem is that the voronoi fracture creates a name attribute for each piece which is used by the dop network, but if there are 2 copies, I have 2 pieces with the same name. Maybe there is a way to name the pieces accordingly to their pillar (like: pillar1_piece01). I've tried using a connectivity node (before the foreach node) to create a attribute "copynumber" but I don't know how I can access it in the voronoi fracture node where the names are set. But this is just my assumption, maybe there is a whole other problem with this setup, but I hope that my problem is understandable and that somebody can help me out