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  1. Material Sop with Sprites in H11

    I ran into the same issue today, as well. As as I can tell right now, the most robust way to do it is by selecting your particles and clicking on the Sprite icon in Drive Particles tab. It points you to the premade sprite shader which seems to cover all the basics - textures, inheriting attributes such as color and alpha plus the sprite procedural. Hope that helps, Luka
  2. Rendering metaballs as volume

    I haven't seen the rest position on the Billowy Smoke shader. I know about this option, but it implies that you need to create your own shader. I was just curious what's the approach to rendering things like smoke trails without the use of sprites. Thanks for your response! Luka
  3. Rendering metaballs as volume

    I have been away from Houdini for some time so I'm probably out of touch with reality, but what is the current stand on rendering metaballs as volume? Yesterday, I tried a very basic sim: particles with metaballs copied onto them, with object set to render metaballs as volume and a billowy smoke shader assigned to them. Frame per frame it looked good, but in motion the noise on the metaballs is swimming like crazy and I haven't seen any options to clamp the noise on the smoke shader. Should I be using spheres instead of metaballs? Or should I create a very long fluid container and emit volumes that way? In short, what these days is the best practice for rendering volumetric smoke for, say, a missile trail? Thanks a lot, Luka
  4. Particle rotation driven by chops

    I eventually figured out how to do it with chops, but thanks a lot for your response, it's good to know this math, will come in handy. Thanks!
  5. Hi. I am trying to control the particle rotation using chops, by exporting the rotx, roty, rotz, and rotangle to chops and adding to them a Ramp wave. It works, but for some reason instead of a uniform motion that I'd expect from a Ramp, I get a faster movement at the beginning, which drastically slows down towards the end. I have no idea why it'd behave like that, maybe you guys can point me in the right direction? I'm attaching an example file. Thanks, Luka chopRotation.hip.zip
  6. Cos wave in chops

  7. Cos wave in chops

    Hello. I'm trying to rotate point normals in chops using a sin/cos combination and got stuck figuring out how to create a cos wave in chops. What would be a simple way of doing it? Thanks! Luka
  8. Flickering on volumes

    Hi. I have a very simple set-up: particles with metaballs copied onto them, Polygons as metaballs enabled, and Billowy Smoke applied on the object level. However, when I render it with deep shadows, I see some weird flickering on the smoke. I turned off the animated noise on the billowy smoke, but the flickering is still there. What's causing it, do you know? Thanks! Luka
  9. Rendering layers - reflection

    Spencer, your approach worked just fine. Thanks!
  10. Rendering layers - reflection

    How can I find out whether the shader supports it or not? Also, when I create my new shader, how would I make it support the aforementioned process? By exporting certain parameters? I did a very basic test of creating two objects with different shaders (default houdini ones), and one of those shaders was "Reflective Material" from the material palette. In the extra image planes the choices i got were: color, opacity, alpha, position, position-s and normal. Would i choose color as a vex variable and specify a reflection under channel name?
  11. I notice that is I use a shader that has an image file in it. it shows perfectly. So i can see the butterfly. But if I'm using one of the materials shipped with Houdini, it doesn't work any more. It might be a build problem, my version is about a month old. I'll upgrade and see what happens. Thanks!
  12. Hi. I was wondering if there's a way to isolate and render only the reflections separately from everything else to keep them as a separate layer? Thanks!
  13. render points as lines ... without particles

    Why don't you just instance your line onto the points?
  14. Can you please remind me what to do to see the textures in the viewport? Right now, even if apply a uv map to the grid and throw a brick texture on it, it acquires a uniformly reddish color.
  15. No, that's rendering. I know maya can do it with depth map shadow. I was wondering if houdini can.