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  1. Hello everyone, first I apologize if this is not the correct section to post this, I will move it if so. I am currently running pyro sims on my machine, it has 64GB of RAM. Now, I mistakenly set one attribute before running another sim (friggin divergence premult) and went to bed to let it work during the night, once I got back it just ran few frames and some of them took up to 1.2h. I hit the RAM limit and my PC basically froze, nothing worked and had to restart it. Is there a way to tell Houdini to use up to a specific amount of RAM? So that my system does not get stuck? Or the way to achieve this is by using -j command in terminal and set a certain number of threads used by Houdini? Thanks in advance, -f
  2. Exporting smoke simulation

    Hello, just realized that having a look around anyway thanks a lot for the reply, appreciate it! Best
  3. Exporting smoke simulation

    Hello everyone, quick question, i am trying to save a smoke sim as a bgeo file, in order to import it later on during the rendering. I am currently using the indie version of Houdini, but sadly i am not allowed to use a RopNet in DOPS to cache out the simulation, it returns an error as soon as i hit render. It is a smoke object derived from my flip simulation that should be rendered as a mist pass to give it some more depth (using its density attr) and why not, muddle things up a bit, it's just for learning purposes Now, i am still a novice when it comes down to basically everything in Houdini, but there are different ways to cache geo out so I'm just getting more and more confused, I tried to use a DOP I/O but with no luck, probably due to my lack of expertise. Any suggestions? Thanks -f
  4. Thanks danw, I'll definetly use those advices, as an unexperienced user I'm still looking for useful hints on how to speed up your scene and global tricks in Houdini. It impressed me moving from 3GB to 31GB of RAM just for cooking the particle separation on frame one and having it on viewport! Will keep on tweaking though, thanks again for your reply!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here, asking this to more experienced users hoping to find a fix. Basically I am running a FLIP sim on Houdini build .376, ocean simulation with a boat geo. The container is quite big in width and length, 3 units deep and the particle separation on splashtank is currently set to 0.04, at this value already my RAM is almost completely taken, i tried to untick allow caching on the DOPnet and resetting sim with no luck, as soon as I dive into the DOPnet my RAM fills up to about 31GB, I currently have 32GB total. I've read in another thread that this might be related to the TBB allocator on Windows, which I am using, but seems like this issue has already been fixed with a previous release. Haven't tried the other solution yet, trying to overwrite the .dll file of H13 with the one coming with H12.5, wondering if meanwhile anyone feels kind enough to tell me what i'm missing here, cause surely i am