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  1. Description: - Expertise in procedural modeling techniques for fast creation of a high volume of assets - Abilitiy to dive right into project with minimal concept art and run with ideas communicated by director - Comfortability with hard surface and organic model development - Fluidity with particles to create nebulae, star fields, and other atmospheric elements Details: - You will be working with a director and a small team to create a concert visual package for use in a live concert setting - We will be creating a large volume of content in a short period of time - You must be able to work on site in our Downtown Los Angeles studio - The job will run from 7/29 to 8/9 How To Apply: - Please send resume, link to reel, and reel breakdown to jobs@productionclub.net
  2. greetings all. i am working on a simulation that uses fractured RBD and wire objects. i am attaching wires to multiple shapes and using the apply relationship DOP to keep the end points of the wires connected to the RBD objects as they break apart and move around. my scene is exhibiting some strange behavior as some of the wires stay connected to their respective objects and some snap to the origin immediately when the simulation begins. one of my anchor DOP's that i am using is giving the error "constraint has a bad object reference" yet some of the wires are working the way i want them to. i have attached a .hip file and would appreciate any insight to my problem ! thank you. scott fractured_wires_22.hip
  3. attaching wires to RBD fractured objects - strange behavior

    greetings all as i take macha's .hip with the fixes to my original problem and attempt to incorporate it into my actual project i have stumbled upon some other issues. i have attached an new .hip illustrating the problem. if i try to connect a wire to a different point number each different object i run into problems again. i added 2 variables to the applyrel DOP in an attempt to pull out this point per object (each of these points is in a group called "connectorPoint") and am stamping it into the point number parameter of the connectorPoints Anchor DOP - but to no avail... out of the four pieces represented here - the wires stay connected to two of them. however on the two objects that retain their connection to the wires on frame 2 the wire end point immediately jumps to a different point on the object than the one that i have defined as the connector point. thank you again for any and all assistance ! best, scott wire_relationship_06.hip
  4. attaching wires to RBD fractured objects - strange behavior

    hello macha thank you for taking a look at this for me ! i appreciate the schooling on how to properly use the apply relationship DOP in this situation. just getting my head wrapped around the world of DOP's and this is a big help forward in gaining a better understanding of how things work. much obliged. best, scott
  5. hello all i have hit a stumbling block while trying to solve a procedural modeling problem. i have a path curve that i am using as a base to copy and then skin a profile curve to create a curvy wall. i then create groups from each created segment and would like to do any number of operations on them (polyextrude in particular). the issue is that since each piece is rotated differently i cannot achieve the results i want. i figured that one way to solve this was to store the rotation parameter in an attribute, zero out the rotation of the segment, do whatever processes i want to do, and then re-rotate the segment back to its original rotation. some research on the forums turned up discussions of various vex + vop ways to find rotations - but i have had a hard time applying what i can pick up to my particular situation. any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated ! .hip file attached. best, scott curve_create_forum_04.hip
  6. hello tomas thank you for your guidance ! this is fantastic. i thought the way to do this was to normalize the rotations temporarily but i had no clue exactly how to do it. much appreciation. the next step for me is figuring out how to be able to input a closed curve and have it work properly as well. currently i can only get proper results from an open curve. let me know if you have any thoughts on how to apply this same technique to a closed curve ( simply pipe a circle into the top of the network and you will see what happens ). this was frustrating me and now i have a usable solution. you rock. - scott
  7. hello laidlaw + all thank you for taking a look at this. i'm getting closer to what i am trying to do but am still not quite there. i revised my .hip to hone in a bit more on the specific problem here. i created a few nodes at the top that create an alternate surface purely for the CREATE_NORMALS_FOR_SURFACE point SOP so i can be sure my normals point in the exact direction i want my extrusions happening. using the extrude SOP i am indeed able to extrude in the direction i want - but unlike the polyextrude SOP my options are limited regarding scaling, etc. check out the TRY_CHANGING_SX_OR_SZ transform SOP in the new .hip which illustrates the specific problem of each segment of this wall having a different rotation. ideally i would be able to scale and tweak the segment piece at this point in any way i want to and when elements are reassembled in the COPY_TO_REASSEMBLE_PANELS copy SOP the tweaks would be homogeneous across all copies. best, scott curve_create_forum_08.hip
  8. hello all i am wondering if anyone has come across or developed a motion vector shader for mantra. i have used the lm_2DMV mental ray shader before (http://www.alamaison.fr/3d/lm_2DMV/lm_2DMV_ref.htm) with maya and would love to be able to do a similar thing with houdini/mantra to allow for post-process motion blur with re:vision's reel smart motion blur. thanks in advance for any and all leads ! best, scott
  9. hello all i have a bunch of channels and i want to apply them randomly to various attributes of stamped copies. i am having problems with the syntax for setting this up. here is what i have --> chop("/ch/ch1/xMove`stamp("../copy1",chanNum,1)`/chan1") i have several "xMove" channels - xMove1, xMove2, xMove3. etc... and i want to simply assign a random channel to a copy via copy stamping. i know there are various issues with quotes, double quotes, and backticks that i need to be schooled in! thanks for any and all assistance. ++ scott
  10. hello all i have been having an issue with the H9 "brushed steel" material. i am getting grid patterns visible as reflections in my objects. if i set the U and V roughness to the same number the problem goes away - but with the default setting of U= .2 and V=.5 the problem persists. check out the attached image for a visual illustration of the problem. .hip file attached as well. the scene is composed of a simple .obj that is brought in and subdivided. is there something special that has to be done to set up this material to work properly ? does this have something to do with a reflection map that i am not setting up ? thanks in advance for any and all assistance. ++ scott brushed_steel_issue.zip
  11. hello all i am working on the cmivfx procedural cities tutorial in H9 and have run into a snag. the issue is in regards to assigning shaders randomly by modifying the "vm_surface" parameter in the geometry spreadsheet. in H8 there was a "vm_surface" parameter that listed out all the details of the shader. in H9 this field is called "shop_vm_surface" and only lists the path to the assigned shader. i am assuming that i need to do something different to see the shader definition string so i can modify it via an attribute string edit SOP. any assistance would be greatly appreciated ! ++ scott
  12. getting at "vm_surface" details in H9 vs. H8

    excellent. thank you old school !
  13. Hello all I am having a problem with the new Houdini 9 glass material. In my testing I have found that it is not transparent and I cannot see other objects through objects that are shaded with it. Perhaps I am unaware of the capabilities of this material or am not setting up certain parameters correctly. If anyone can shed some light on this issue I would be greatly appreciative ! Render and .hip file attached. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. Scott Pagano houdini_glass_03.hip
  14. H9 Glass material - transparency issue

    Ah ha ! Thanks Edward. I had looked right over it on the Ray Trace tab...
  15. H9 Glass material - transparency issue

    Hello Brian Thank you for your help. I can't find the parameter field in the Glass material to change the IOR. The old Vex Glass SHOP has a slider for this - but not the new H9 Glass material. Very likely I'm missing something right in front of me... Any ideas ? Scott
  16. Motion Vector Shader For Mantra ?

    thank you sum][one for the .hip file ! - i've learned quite a bit from this choice snippet. thanks for taking some time while the particles cached ++ scott
  17. Smedge / Houdini Issues

    hello there anyone working successfully with smedge/houdini out there ? i am trying to get it running and having some issues. using smedge 2 and houdini 8. i know that i am supposed to render out a sequence of IFD's from houdini and then point the smedge job to look at those - but i think the IFD's might have to have a specific file name format - might this be correct ? pretty much anything i do just causes smedge to hang. i did a test with a may 7 scene and it worked perfectly. any guidance from someone with experience would be greatly appreciated. thank you. scott
  18. Uvproject On Volume + Particles

    ok - so now the textures appears on the instance but it is the -entire- texture (in my case a simple bitmap applied via VEX_Decal) and -not- just the color from the initial point. thanks in advance for any help ! - scott
  19. Uvproject On Volume + Particles

    hello all i am trying to do a similar thing - but using instances as my shapes for the particles. without point instancing turned on i get the transfered colors - but when i click on point instancing to get my desired shapes i loose the texturing. any hints ? thanks so much ! - scott
  20. hello all so i'm having an issue with ambient occlusion in houdini/mantra. see the attached still for a visual description. when i have a simple box piece of geometry i get ugly harsh black "shadows" towards the back of it. this does not happen with rounded objects. has anyone else seen this before ? i do believe i have it all set up correctly. i am a novice here - so please excuse any basic oversight ! thanks for any and all assistance... - scott
  21. Ambient Occlusion Problem

    hello crunch thank you for your reply ! the facet SOP is my new friend. coming from maya i have a bit to learn about the way houdini deals with geometry. again - much obliged... - scott
  22. .obj Import Groups Problem

    hello all i am having an issue in regards to importing an .obj and dealing with groups. the breakdown --> 1) make simple geometry in maya (ex. a row of 4 spheres "pSphere1-4") 2) group aabove geometry - making "group1" 3) export .obj 4) import .obj via file SOP 5) apply shader to group via shader SOP (due to wanting to apply different shaders to different groups as the imported geometry gets complex). what happens is that the first element in each group (ex. "pSphere1" from the row of 4 spheres) seems to be its own group (verified by MMB on the file SOP and checking the list of groups). it doesn't accept the shader. i thought perhaps that for some reason it was duplicated and the "grouped" version was there as well but a delete SOP culling out "pSphere1" just deletes it. this is all very odd to me due to the file SOP info saying that there are the correct number of primitives in "group1". is there some processing that needs to be done to correctly convert the groups created in maya to ones that work properly in houdini ? clearly i am new at this game. any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance for any and all help ! scott