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  1. Change in VEX code from H12.5 to H13?

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply! Hope it's not too late to clarify stuff. I don't have the original code anymore. But what fathom mentioned is exactly what you should be doing - Darren
  2. Clothsim cache as static solver (thin surface)

    FLIPS calculates best with volume based collision so it is better if you turn it on. The best way probably would be to create a proxy geo based on your cloth output that has some volume and use it as the collision instead. If your sim is simple enough, you could probably even cheat it with sop. Hope that helps -Darren
  3. Houdini Path Environment

    Ohhh! Thanks alot! Can't believe I missed out something like that
  4. Houdini Path Environment

    Hi pradeep, Thanks alot! It worked like a charm, I do have another question though. How do I add a custom path into the selection window like the image below? Really appreciate your help!
  5. Houdini Path Environment

    Hi guys, I have a few question about setting custom path and variables in houdini. 1) Where is the .env file? I cant find any file in the installed houdini folder where there is a .env file. I am using Linux, Ubuntu 14.0.4 2) How do I set the path to be permanent? For instance, I changed my $JOB path by using source houdini_setup export JOB=/mnt/Artist/ But this only works for that session, how do I store it permanently? 3) How do I create a new variable and store it permanently? For instance, I can add a new variable through the Aliases/Variable. But it only appears on that instance of Houdini. Sorry for the long post and if the questions don't make much sense. This is the first time I am attempting to customize my houdini through the terminal. All the help is greatly appreciated!! -Darren
  6. Cloth Penetrations

    Hi Fenolis, Thanks for your reply! Tested it and yup there is a change in poly count. Guess I will have ask the modeler fix the model :\ Thanks for the help!!
  7. Cloth Penetrations

    The model is animated. I wanted to upload a flipbook but somehow the uploader here doesn't allow me to. I will try to do up a hip and post it up here!!
  8. Hi guys, Once again, I need your help on cloth simulations. Like the image below, there is a penetration that I can't solve. I have played around with cloth settings, as well as the accuracy tab and substeps in finite element solver. But still the penetration exist. Do you guys know any solution to this problem?
  9. Source geo scale for FLIP Fluids emitter

    Thanks! Will try it out soon
  10. Source geo scale for FLIP Fluids emitter

    Hi Pradeep, Thanks! It worked but I have another question. After I reduced the size of my source, the flip fluids doesn't emit anymore. Is there any way to solve this?
  11. Hi guys. Just a question about the source geo for FLIP fluids emitter. I had a scene modelled to scale and I had this source geo that is of an extremely small scale (0.02,0.0114,0.02). However, when I use the shelf tools, the source fluids automatically scales up to 0.9,0.9,0.9. How do I actually use my original size to make a fluid emitter? Thanks!
  12. Cloth Constraints

    Hi guys, I have been looking up in the docs about cloth constraints and just wondered any of you had experience using different constraints Perhaps you could share some of your experience here! :D :D
  13. Hi guys, Just wondering if there is a way to increase the vopsop input in the node itself. I know I could just import attribute to bring in more stuff but there got to be a way to do it on the node right -Darren
  14. BulletSOP 2.0.12

    Hi Milan, Just wondering if the latest production build H13.0.655 supported? Most of my assets are build after 376 so I do not really want to downgrade as it might cause major issues.
  15. Change in VEX code from H12.5 to H13?

    Ah nvm! I found out the mistake I made alr. I should have let the rotate modify the matrix before letting it modified matrix multiply with the up(). Thanks guy for your help!