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  1. How to change attribute path

    In vex: s@path = "/shop/blablabla"; s@path = re_replace("blablabla", "mat", s@path);
  2. Control Animation of Individual Pieces

    Do a voronoi on the letter, pack the geo, and then use the primitive intrinsic to animate the rotations and scale.
  3. GPUs- dual 1070 vs dual 1080 vs...

    When doing GPU rendering you will probably want a dedicated GPU controlling your viewport, so you can use your machine even when rendering. This is why a lot of people will get a smaller card (maybe a 750ti), in addition to your rendering cards. So make sure you can fit at least 3 cards in your motherboard/pc. As Luke said, get only one (expensive) card and take it from there. Also plenty of deals to be had with the 980ti, if you are just getting started this will be sufficient for a few years at least. In particular the hybrid model seems a popular choice, to keep temps down. If you get a 1080, you will paying top dollars today.
  4. I am personally looking at getting a couple of e5-2670 first gen. You can get two of these for about £130 pounds. A couple of years back that used to cost thousands. This is just for my home machine so I won't be using it all day long. I found this link on the net, and this is the type of build I would aim for if I was custom buiding a PC. http://talcikdemovicova.com/32-thread-build-on-budget/ In regards to buying into GPUs for octane, there was an important announcement from otoy yesterday in regards to version 4. https://home.otoy.com/otoy-and-imagination-unveil-breakthrough-powervr-ray-tracing-platform/ This PowerVr Wizard is a piece of hardware that may replace GPU for rendering at least for octane. https://imgtec.com/blog/real-time-ray-tracing-on-powervr-gr6500-ces-2016/ I would therefore not spend too much money on GPUs at this point. From their press release:
  5. A 2TB SSD for the OS is a total overkill in my opinion, that money will be better spend elsewhere. Surely 500gb should be enough? With windows you can install applications on other drives you know. In terms of finding a machine, another option is to look for refurbished HP z machine on ebay. You can get some good deals on a z820 or the smaller z620. Both this machines will take dual gpus. You will have a solid machine, and that will keep it's value when you want to sell it. One thing I dislike about custom built PCs, is how fast they loose value. In terms of GPUs, sure a 1080 will be more future proof. However in the UK it is twice the price of a 980ti. So it really depends where you want to spend the money and what CUDA/MONEY ratio is. What do the octane guys say? What's best bang for the buck?
  6. [SOLVED] VEX - addpoint randomly on geo

    Nice one pusat, will enjoy going through your example!!
  7. [SOLVED] VEX - addpoint randomly on geo

    Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for your replies, now looking at the code Ruben. There is one line that doesnt work, I am guessing is a typo float rr = random(prims*i*seed); // should be float rr = rand(prims*i*seed); weirdly when using random the value doesn't update when changing the seed. Thanks for your help putting this together! Best, Cris
  8. Hi guys, I am trying to replicate the scatter behaviour, when plugin something like a grid. Using VEX, what's the best way of adding a point on a geometry randomly? Thanks, Cris
  9. Are you trying to export ass files? This is a limitation of indie, for all renders.
  10. Hi guys, Hopefully an easy one. I am struggling to get curves rendering as tubes when using the hair shader. I have been able to render them using the "surface model" and plugging the "hair normal" vop into N. However this doesn't work when plugging into the N of the hair shader. I want to avoid using polywire since this will rocket my polycount. thanks, c
  11. upside down render preview

    I think that worked, thanks!
  12. upside down render preview

    This is happening when rendering from the Rop Camera. So you are saying I should jusy press H in any view? Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, I am pretty sure is some bad keyboard habit I have, but very often I am getting an upside down image on the render preview. I've worked on all windows, linux and mac and this problem is always there. I must be pressing some shortcut without realising? how do I reset it? Thanks, Cris
  14. For Houdini: Used Dual E5-2670 or i74930k

    Can you fit two GPUS in this box? What would be the main difference with z820 line? Thanks!
  15. I am pretty sure there isn't an official release of htoa for 15.5. You need to wait a bit.