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  1. Hi Guys, I try to simulate a quiet river. But I got the problem that in the areas where the water is not moving at all(or is really really slow), it is moving up and down all the time and looks like little hills. It is not flat what you would expect.I know it is possible to do with other programs but has anybody a solution for houdini ? I tried already the swirl kernel, a sop to settle down the y axis(based on velocity) and a blending with a simple grid based on the velocity. Is there an official way in the simulation process? I am thankful for any advice
  2. Slow moving water

    Hey so I tried it in 16.5 and 17 and still have the same problem. Could you send me your scene to check if it is that what I am looking for. To explain again what I am looking for. When I create a new flip tank and start the animation for 20 frames. I want that after the meshing the water is flat like a grid with no noise at all, but still a high res mesh. I know I can get if I increase the Influence Scale in the mesh process but I lose to much details with this technique.
  3. Slow moving water

    oh wow okay. I can use 16.5 to test it. 17 will take a while until we use it. I will test it and let you know and also I will make a test scene at the weekend to show my problem a bit better. Thanks for the feedback
  4. Slow moving water

    Thanks for your answer. mhh this is a bit complicated.I can just try to explain it better. When you have a simple flat tank and start the simulation you will see after a few frames you will have a motion in the water without any extra forces. And I simply want that without forces the water is flat like a grid. I saw an old post where Jeff Wagner said with the swirly kernel it works better. But still you have the movement from nowhere. I am using version 16.0.717.
  5. Slow moving water

    No ideas? I am really happy about any advice.
  6. Control stiffness for constraints

    Hi Guys, I would like to understand how it is possible to control the stiffness for constraints. I know for FEM there are extra attributes and also for Wire objects. But if I want to create a piece of metal with hard constraints(or other constraints) it is not that easy .Currently I simply control the rotational stiffness on the object.But I would like to control it in the hard constraints. Is there a good way to fake the stiffness in the constraints, with a sop solver for example? Thanks for your help guys
  7. Hi Guys, i have a weird problem. When i render a cloud with depth map shadows everything looks great in render view.But when i render about mantra node to hard disk there a some artifacts. fThe Light setup is a sun light and a shadow map of 4k. I changed every settings in the shadow tab, like bias,blur,quality... But nothing happen.When i change the light position, the artifacts appear on a other place. So i think there is something wrong with the light. Has anyone an idea what the problem is?? Here a both pictures: Left: Mantra Node Right: Renderview
  8. Artifacts in Volume

    @iamyog thank you very much. i heard about it. But i forgot it. In mplay are the same problems. I have to use the depth map for a task thats the problem. Have anyone an other idea?
  9. Hi Guys, when i create a Cloud Setup from Shelf. I get this Viewport Problems. If i create a new Scene View it works for a while.But after some mouse cliks i get this problems again. Has anyone an idea how i can fix it?
  10. Hi guys, In DOP i use a cone twist constraint and a sop with angle and torque for break the constraints. The Problem is at Frame 2-3 the angle value jumps to an value like 4.18879 or to value like -1.#IND . The Object doesnt move in this Time. Has anyone an idea what i do wrong? Here is a Example Hip. I hope anybody can help me. Walltest.hip
  11. Viewport Volume Problems

    thanks for your idea but its turned on and nothing happen.
  12. Viewport Volume Problems

    mmmhh No ideas? Are there any settings for the Viewport quaility for Volumes?
  13. Hi Guys, can anybody explain me, how i set my goal_twist_axis in sop?? I use houdin 15 I create a attribute vop and for example i connect a "parameter node" with a "add attribute node".i call the attribute "goal_twist_axis" ,the Local variable name is GOAL_TWIST_AXIS. Attribute class is primitive and type info is normal. The parameter node output is vector. In the spreadsheet everthing looks good.But it has no effect for the constraint in the dop. I hope anybody can help me.That would be great.
  14. How switch active attribute in dop

    Hi Guys i have a simple scene. I have a fractured object and i set the active attribute to 0 . A sphere fly through the fractured object and every touched pieces switch his active attribute to 1. In sop it works fine.But the problem is in dop nothing happen. So no piece fall down. I tought it works with "Overwrite Attribute from Sop". What do i wrong? I hope you can help me Thanks in advance
  15. Cloud Light Help

    Hi there, is there any tutorials for the cloud light? I want to use the cloud light as a replacement for scattering.The problem is i use a cvex for displacment and want to implement the cloud light data in cvex or after cvex. Does anyone know how i combine this together? I am grateful for any help
  16. Cloud Light Help

    Does anyone have an idea?
  17. Hi Guys, Is there any way to export Fluid with color attribute to modo? With Rf mesh export in Houdini and emreader in modo it works very well.But I can't get the color attribute. Has anybody an idea?
  18. Emit for 3 Frames

    Hi Guys, i have a question.how can i realize that 2 objects after collision emit particles for 3 frames and then stopped. i started with an if statment in the impulse activation but i cant use any attributes.Hope anybody can help me. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  19. Emit for 3 Frames

    mhm ok.But how can i create a global variable in a pop .I create a pop wrangle and write : addvariablename(1,"age","AGE"); and in a pop vop Activation field i write: if ($AGE>0.2,0,1) thats for an other example but the same problem.It doesnt work.
  20. Emit for 3 Frames

    ^^thank you,thats the simple way.The problem is i build an digital asset and in every scene the collision is on a different frame.so i want detect the collision frame, start emit and 3 Frames later it should stop.
  21. Hello, i have an problem. I want to destroy an building .This building has to different components.For both parts i create at first the scatter and voronoifracture.At the End i create Active Points with an attributetransfer and the distance threshold. It works very well.But there is one mistake.Some pieces are freeze in the air .And i dont know why.If i delete the active points the mistakes are not so often. And a second problem is that the little pieces at the ground are bouncing. Does anyone know how i can fix it? Thanks in advance.
  22. Pieces freeze in the Air

    mangi is maybe somthing wrong with the if command at the active value??
  23. Pieces freeze in the Air

    I create a flipbook without this nodes.But you will see that i have now very flat sides on my building(the left and the right side).And thats the reason why i use this active points. Destruction_withoutPoints.mov
  24. Pieces freeze in the Air

    ok thank you very much again. I think the problem is the last part of the "Stein" and the "Beton" node. Because if i delete the attribtransfer1,file2 and point2 nodes there are no peaces stays in the air. So there a some problems with the active points. I think in the air the value of some peaces changed and they will be passiv objects.
  25. Pieces freeze in the Air

    And here is the simulation but only 100 frames .Sorry for the bad quality.I hope you can see the mistakes Thank you very much for your help. Destruction1.mov