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  1. Juraj's playground

    Write-up on a Megascans integration which I helped with
  2. Juraj's playground

    And another guide, this time on FLIPs and RBDs interaction
  3. Juraj's playground

    Houdini to VR connection project - first version :) See it in action here:
  4. Juraj's playground

    New handy tool: Save unlocked node as a new version Houdini tip | Save modified asset as new version
  5. Juraj's playground

    Quick tip about converting dense SDF volumes to VDB SDF volumes.
  6. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Assets versioning workflow
  7. Cool work guys, thanks for sharing and for the effort
  8. Juraj's playground

    Hello, check out my latest article: Remote debugging of Python running in VFX applications (Houdini, Maya, Blender, Nuke..)
  9. Juraj's playground

    Check out my latest project - creating an open library full of learning resources about various areas of VFX. It has many houdini-related presentations and theses. library: https://github.com/jtomori/vfx_good_night_reading blog post: https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/06/11/learning-resources-about-vfx-and-cg/
  10. Juraj's playground

    Generating documentation for Houdini Python modules (toolutils and others) https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/houdini-tip-houdini-python-modules-documentation/
  11. Point VOP error on Ubuntu

    Hello, I had a similar issue recently on ubuntu mate 16.04.04 lts. I could not get Attrib VOPs from scenes from different builds working and it was very buggy. I always got Vex error ;_name@ Undefined op code Failed loading function Unable to load shader. I was also getting No LSB modules are available. error message after starting Houdini (16.5+) into terminal. LC_ALL = C setting did not help me, but what solved my issue was to install lsb-core package and reboot. So on ubuntu simply run: $ sudo apt-get install lsb-core and reboot. I am posting it here in case somebody has similar problems.
  12. Juraj's playground

    Hello, check my latest tool which I would like to share with you: Batch textures conversion. Find out more on Github or my blog post. https://github.com/jtomori/batch_textures_convert https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/05/25/batch-textures-conversion-tool/
  13. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Open parameter path in file browser
  14. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Render any node in background
  15. Juraj's playground

    New Houdini tip: Using HOU module in Visual Studio Code. https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/houdini-tip-using-hou-module-in-visual-studio-code