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  1. Juraj's playground

    The Megascans integration is no longer maintained or supported. It was developed for student productions and it would need some more work to make it useful to the public. Anyway, the code is published on GitHub. Haven't experimented with that, but you might find this talk interesting: More Like This, Please! Texture Synthesis and Remixing from a Single Example | Nordic Game 2019. Hi, sorry for very late reply! I don't have the project file at hand, but it was built around Bake Volume SOP. I used the resulting volume as a constant color in shader, which skipped calculating lighting during rendering and rather used the baked volume. For multiple lights (including the hdri example) I added the light volumes together.
  2. Juraj's playground

    Hello community, I am creating this thread where I will be posting links to my tests, experiments, RnD's and other uncategorizable stuff. Also often I will include scene files so feel free to explore them and to learn how not to do things ...hope it will help somebody, somehow. Juraj
  3. Hi, I would like to separate simulation into smaller simulations. I need to use simulated constraint network from one simulation in another. (bring constraint network back to sop level) And active attribute as well. Can it be done with dopimport node? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm playing with bullet dynamics in Houdini. But I'm having quite often one problem - strange motion in e.g. small shards on ground plane. They don't stop moving even after few seconds after they fell on the floor. They are not changing position but just slightly rotating. This motion seems to go on and on... According to docs Linear/Angular Treshold parameter in RBD Packed Object should fix it, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Have you experienced this type of error and if - have you solved it? Thanks
  5. Volume deform tool

    Hi, I tried to do a tool that will enable user to deform volume by lattice. Here you can find my results. I found many many good example files on this forum so I thought I would share this Hope you will like it Juraj project.hipnc
  6. Juraj's playground

    Write-up on a Megascans integration which I helped with
  7. Juraj's playground

    And another guide, this time on FLIPs and RBDs interaction
  8. Juraj's playground

    Houdini to VR connection project - first version :) See it in action here:
  9. Juraj's playground

    New handy tool: Save unlocked node as a new version Houdini tip | Save modified asset as new version
  10. GLSL shader questions

    Hello, I would like to experiment with GLSL shaders in Houdini viewport a bit, but I had very little success yet As a simple thing I would like to create a "matcap" shader, I have this shader in mantra and it works well, but it is quite simple logic in it and I would like to try it out in GLSL as well. I tried two approaches for creating glsl shaders: New Operator Type - SHOP Type - GLSL Shader This approach does not give me any results, the default shader has quite complex code and in the viewport I can see only white color. I tried to modify couple of variables in the code to at least change color from white to red, but unsuccessfully Reference ogl_glsl_shader parameter on a shader pointing to shader.prog file which references to shader.frag and shader.vert This gives me results in the viewport and works quite well, however I do not know how to reference node's parameter value to the GLSL variables. I created those files based on examples in $HFS/houdini/glsl //fragment shader in vec2 matUv; out vec4 color; uniform sampler2D tex; void main() { vec3 base = texture2D( tex, matUv ).rgb; color = vec4( base, 1. ); } First question: how can I reference parameter on the node to the tex variable in opengl? When googling I found some examples which implied that only creating string parameter tex should work, but when running their example files I never got any result in the viewport. Second question: is this the correct workflow? How could I achieve the same thing with New Operator Type workflow? Do you have some simple examples of those nodes with basic shading? E.g. sampling a texture, using constant color... Thanks for any clarification, Juraj
  11. Juraj's playground

    Quick tip about converting dense SDF volumes to VDB SDF volumes.
  12. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Assets versioning workflow
  13. Cool work guys, thanks for sharing and for the effort
  14. Juraj's playground

    Hello, check out my latest article: Remote debugging of Python running in VFX applications (Houdini, Maya, Blender, Nuke..)
  15. Juraj's playground

    Check out my latest project - creating an open library full of learning resources about various areas of VFX. It has many houdini-related presentations and theses. library: https://github.com/jtomori/vfx_good_night_reading blog post: https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/06/11/learning-resources-about-vfx-and-cg/
  16. Juraj's playground

    Generating documentation for Houdini Python modules (toolutils and others) https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/houdini-tip-houdini-python-modules-documentation/
  17. Point VOP error on Ubuntu

    Hello, I had a similar issue recently on ubuntu mate 16.04.04 lts. I could not get Attrib VOPs from scenes from different builds working and it was very buggy. I always got Vex error ;_name@ Undefined op code Failed loading function Unable to load shader. I was also getting No LSB modules are available. error message after starting Houdini (16.5+) into terminal. LC_ALL = C setting did not help me, but what solved my issue was to install lsb-core package and reboot. So on ubuntu simply run: $ sudo apt-get install lsb-core and reboot. I am posting it here in case somebody has similar problems.
  18. Juraj's playground

    Hello, check my latest tool which I would like to share with you: Batch textures conversion. Find out more on Github or my blog post. https://github.com/jtomori/batch_textures_convert https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/05/25/batch-textures-conversion-tool/
  19. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Open parameter path in file browser
  20. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Render any node in background
  21. Juraj's playground

    New Houdini tip: Using HOU module in Visual Studio Code. https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/houdini-tip-using-hou-module-in-visual-studio-code
  22. pluralize vex

    Seriously? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pluralize Can we get a function that will translate things into another language? Or maybe a spell check?
  23. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip: Camera auto-focus using Python expression https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/02/06/houdini-tip-camera-auto-focus/
  24. Hello, I wonder if it is an intention to have social media icons at every site here to point to web design company pages Juraj
  25. Juraj's playground

    Feel free to check this tutorial / collection of VEX snippets I prepared. I tried to cover many different areas of VEX scripting, mostly stuff I found useful.