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  1. Hi, I am trying to figure out a way to mix smokecolors in DOPs without the effect of the velocity "Maximum" setting. Its a bit hard to describe so just check out my file. I have two methods of mixing the colors. One is done in DOPs putting Cd in the velcity volume of a source volume and setting it to Maximum. Because it is set to Maximum (because of the lack of another better working mode), colors tend to blend in a (somewhat expected) weird way. so two voxels, one with color (1,1,0) and the other with (0,0,1) then blend together to something that is (1,1,1). And I'm pretty sure blue and yellow smoke do not mix to white smoke ;-) The other one is done using particles which inherit the emitters color and are advected by the smoke. In a postoperation I transfer the color of the particles back into the volume and because it extrapolates it gives a nice colormix that is more of a blend operation and looks correct but its way more processing intensive (especially with highres volumes and lots of particles). So my question is: can the result of the particle workflow be somehow achived in dops without using particles? PS: I did try to do the coloring in a shader and it worked (its not in the file), but I would still need to create particles and I guess there would be a pretty large hit in rendertime sampling those particles in the volume. Cheers, Ronny colored_smoke_v03.hip
  2. pscale in stream

    ah, I tried via sop solver or geo wrangle. they do not respect streams it seems - make sense now that i think about it. thanks for the help
  3. pscale in stream

    how do I set pscale within a pop stream ? seems if i have several streams, the last one wins (the pscale set on the last stream in the merge). what I want is different pscale values in different streams.
  4. Newbee question: VEX If then block

    Hey Mandrake0, thanks a lot for your help. But what I still don't get is how you got to the output of the if-then block. if i through a new if-then node in the vopsop1 it comes up with only two inputs (condition and next) but there is no output. how did you create the _P output? Cheers, Ronny
  5. Hey, this is my first post as i'm just starting with houdini. I've got my head around a couple of things and all is good so far (I'm sure a lot of questions will pop up). I'm just looking into VEX and would like to place an If-then block in there to do some conditions. now here is the question: I place the if-then block in there and I think I understand how it works. the only question is how do i get stuff out of it, there is no output. I looked up some example files and the all have an out put in there. in all the examples there is a Subnet Outputs node (in the if-then subnet) which I seem not to be able to create (it's just not there if I create a new if-then block). so the question is: if I drop in a if-then node in vex, should there be an output right there or do I have to do anything to get one (i also tried to connect up a condition and two inputs, but nothing will show up). Seems as if I am missing something really obvious. Cheers, Ronny