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  1. Bridges on intersecting curves

    Can't send any .hip file from here sorry. It's 2 circles set as ZX planes and "open arc". It's then fused to avoid interstionAnalysis to detect the first/end point, then merged and put into intersectionAnalysis which output the 2 intersection points
  2. Bridges on intersecting curves

    Well, nothing crazy really.. it just works here (18.5.351) Curves have to be open polygon (no faces)
  3. Bridges on intersecting curves

    Did you try the intersection analysis node? (you'll need to scale everything to 0 on the Y axis before)
  4. Split primitives

    Did you try the "preserve quads" option on the polyreduce..?
  5. Double-sided materials

    Hi Simon, Use the node "isfrontface" to switch between your materials http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/isfrontface boby
  6. Take a look at the Rivet tool http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/obj/rivet boby
  7. rotate points ?

    Default is to align copy's Z axis to point normal. -To align your line, build it align with z > direction = (0,0,1), instead of (1,0,0) -same thing for your sphere, stretch it in world Z axis boby
  8. deactivating viewport points

    Display pref are not stored in hip file. Here loading your file doesn't display point.. Some possible solution: -uncheck point display (right menu bar in viewport) -maximise another view (i.e network view) to refresh Gl drawing -close your scene view and open a new one (should already be fixed now..) -close/reOpen houdini..
  9. rotate points ?

    hi messipte, i guess you want to rotate it along the branch? here is a simple hip file. degtorad node let you rotate vector by an angle in degree, feel free to replace it with any random point value If you want to rotate it in other random direction, you can use any random vector per point instead of t. boby rot_vec.hipnc
  10. Uncheck maximum segment length and set your maximum segment to 799 (or 800 if it's a closed curve) boby
  11. Export Pz *with* displacement

    Should be in Pz, not sure how it can't be.. Any hip file to share?
  12. Volume displacement

    Amplitude is in world unit. As your sphere is 20m radius it needs a big amplitude to be effective. A smaller sphere would need less amplitude
  13. Volume displacement

    Hey dunken, here it is: - I added nodes under yours in the vop - i made a similiar setup using vdb (on the right). It's often the best way to deal with volume (faster and lighter) boby vol_disp.hipnc
  14. Slow Motion -Deleted Geometry

    Hi logix! Put the timeblend before the delete SOP boby
  15. Colorize volume by 3D location

    Hey! Simply put @P in a vec volume Cd boby Vol_color.hip