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  1. basically i am trying to achieve CMIVFX course "procedural city" without the first part "drawing the buildings zones" because i have a specific map to work with
  2. i have this very big spline scene it is a neighborhood i need to export it and i need the closed splines to stay closed in houdini and i need the splines with same colors to become one group of spline i tried exporting obj and dxf and dwg non of them worked i always get a blank viewport in houdini , i am new in Houdini can you help me import it ??
  3. World XYZ orienatation

    God ! thank you,i come from a 3Ds Max background so that is much better
  4. Hi there , i am a Houdini noob so my question could be stupid..... i have to make a 3D city so i started learning houdini and now i am learning procedural city by CMIVFX there is this small detail that is bothering me which is why the world XYZ orientation on his viewport is oriented like 3Ds MAX (Z is the upward ) while in my viewport (Y upward ) ??