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  1. Deoxygenated hdk documentation

    Okay I will read it for the tenth time ... A lot of times I don't understand c++ syntax though my knowledge in the language is not bad... Any suggestions for important advanced c++ stuff to learn??
  2. Deoxygenated hdk documentation

    Okay I know you are right but Isn't it silly to ask about the exact way to define a paramater?? I read a kot of ways but I don't understand what is prm_list and how we put paramaters there... Also I don't understand the mechanism of working with geometry , I don't understand what is gu_detail ... Is it a class having the geometry information? How do we then add attributes to it?? I feel that I am a little stupid (too stupid) so i don't ask these questions.
  3. Hey guys, I was reading about hdk and read about a documentation which was available on odforce called deoxygenated hdk documentation... Thia was its link ,,. http://www.odforce.net/wiki/index.php/doku.php Where can I find this? The link isn't working!!
  4. Requirements to learn hdk

    I am digging in hdk now but I don't seem to understand 10 percent of the written though I have c++ knowledge... The documentation isn't enough and too abstract. Isn't there any other source!!??
  5. Hello i am really sorry for this basic topic that i really think of as a stupid topic. I have c++ basic background and started to learn hdk from the documentation. I didn't understand most of things written there and i think it's something that i don't have in my background... So what can I do to learn hdk ??? What should I do before learning it???
  6. So anyone can help us in our problem?
  7. Hey guys ... I am trying to learn HDK from the documentation of sidefx which i find sufficient for a beginner like me ... I compiled the sample star sop successfully with hcustom though I didn't what is the hython order to create proto.py so this is the first problem ... When I tried makefiles I didn't understand exactly from the documentation what to do and when i write make in houdini cmd it says "'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command" .. I am sure I didn't understand the written so can someone please explain how to do this in windows... I have the same problem in Cmake compiling ,, I don't understand this.. sorry guys I know I am really beginner and my questions seem very silly as the compiling is explained but i didn't understand but could u please help me ???
  8. Hey guys , I am trying a test to make the fluid goes round like a vortex with a velocity field but the velocity doesn't stick with the vel field and goes crazy around the field!! I want the fluid to go round this tube without this crazy behaviour , SO ANY SUGGESTIONS ?? here is the attached file fluid test.hip
  9. I just found it before I say your reply thanks though ! Now , I am just curious to enter the world of microsolvers algorithms . I wanna know what's the algorithm behind each one. in the gas advect there is a paramater advection method and one advection type . anyone knows the difference ?
  10. Yes i am working on developing fluid solver but i am seeking help i want to make my fluid react with the bounds can you help me? I closed the boundaries of the vel field but it didn't work.
  11. Hi, i would like to ask some questions about dop workflow in Houdini. First thing, fields are they MAC Grids? I think they are voxel grids but i don't really know if they are MAC Grids or what which is really confusing. Secondly, the boundaries in the flip solver or any solver, how we enfocre boundary conditions like no slip boundaries? Thirdly, the GAS Advect which has a lot of versions and it has two parameters, advection type and advection method which i am not sure about the difference between them! Is it based on the semi lagrangian scheme or what? Lastly, the GAS Diffuse, What's the way it uses to solve the diffusion equation? Jacoobi or what? I want to see microsolvers code in C++, how can i see it? I can't really find more about what is inside them. If you have an answer of any of these questions, please help me! Thanks and cheers!
  12. Okay I will try it and post here