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  1. I just found it before I say your reply thanks though ! Now , I am just curious to enter the world of microsolvers algorithms . I wanna know what's the algorithm behind each one. in the gas advect there is a paramater advection method and one advection type . anyone knows the difference ?
  2. Yes i am working on developing fluid solver but i am seeking help i want to make my fluid react with the bounds can you help me? I closed the boundaries of the vel field but it didn't work.
  3. Hi, i would like to ask some questions about dop workflow in Houdini. First thing, fields are they MAC Grids? I think they are voxel grids but i don't really know if they are MAC Grids or what which is really confusing. Secondly, the boundaries in the flip solver or any solver, how we enfocre boundary conditions like no slip boundaries? Thirdly, the GAS Advect which has a lot of versions and it has two parameters, advection type and advection method which i am not sure about the difference between them! Is it based on the semi lagrangian scheme or what? Lastly, the GAS Diffuse, What's the way it uses to solve the diffusion equation? Jacoobi or what? I want to see microsolvers code in C++, how can i see it? I can't really find more about what is inside them. If you have an answer of any of these questions, please help me! Thanks and cheers!
  4. Okay I will try it and post here
  5. In the shader i did diffuse with vorticity
  6. Can't you send me the hdri if it is non commercial? And i want to see your render settings so i willreal ly appreciate if you upload the file
  7. I managed to upload the file of my scene with one frame cache and here it is without the hdri as it is commercial and i can't share it https://www.dropbox.com/s/ig50j917o9z6xmv/untitled new.hipnc.7z?dl=0
  8. Does this masterclass talk about rendering?
  9. I don't think that Houdini refract hdri the mesh is not at all transparent . It looks transparent only when i refract some object
  10. Very hard to upload with my internet but can you suggest me tutorials for shading and rendering I found a one in fxphd, mastering lighting and rendering, but i don't know if it is useful in my situation or not
  11. @khodjaev @Federico @rbowdenWhat details should i give you for the lighting setup to help ? i can't upload those big cache files
  12. I now recognized that I want to make a good light setup in order to render water correctly but when i just use a hdri light of a sky things becomes white and i have to put a big grid with a shader to refract and this don't give me what i want . I calculated vorticity and used it for diffuse in the basic liquid shader
  13. Okay , thanks i will post everything here
  14. it works for the most cases but when i render a big object like a spaceship coming out of the water it doesn't work at all
  15. I tried all of this and tried using vorticity for diffuse but i don't get a good result if anyone has a simple example for the shader because i am still bad renderer