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  1. Thanks for the reply, however at the moment I only have access to Houdini FX as it is, and using the fabio hair system isn't an option. Surely a workflow for these types of hairs is available in the vanilla build of Houdini as the Hair shader clearly supports Guard and White hairs. The search continues!
  2. Hi FX friends, In previous versions of Houdini the hair/fur tools gave you the ability to generate guard hairs and white hairs, however with the new toolset I can't seem to find how to generate these hairs. I've searched through all shelf tools, guide/hair generation SOP's, the Houdini 16 hair masterclass and the Houdini 16 documentation to no avail. Perhaps there's a new workflow using creative grouping of guide hairs and throwing them into a whitehair/guardhair attribute I'm not aware of? The new Hair shader seems ready and willing to pick up such attributes so I'm really scratching my head here. Any help and direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!