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  1. packed rbd Jitter

    Any thoughts on how to get this working ?
  2. packed rbd Jitter

    Hi Guys, have a small portion of a building collapse , all is well , except for 2 things ! 1 : the whole sim jitters a lot , is there a way to stop the jitter and stop the bounce let it rest when it hits the ground without changing the simulation ! 2: since the scale is too small , is there a good way of adding detail to the pieces after the sim ? have a hip file attached , any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance BulletJitter.hip
  3. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Any more Cv`s for character animators and Fx artists ? Best, Dave
  4. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Hi Pavel, Nice work mate, thanks for the hip file , and guys as we are at the end of short listing Fx artists , we will reply shortly regarding the job ! And we are recruiting Character animators as well , so send in your cv`s Best , Dave
  5. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Hi Pavel, Those images look great, if you could post a hip file , it would be very useful to study this method dave
  6. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Nice one Pavel, very nice approach , when you say , (the same time you can search for closest drivers and get some part of their velocities) , do you mean point cloud approach ? , yeah an example would be great , as we are looking for the most efficient way to handle this, and we have got some good info from previous posts from the other users, Thanks Guys !
  7. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Thanks Guys, great info ! , please do send us your cv / reel , we are hiring ! ,
  8. Fx Artist/Td required

    Hi , We need 1 Fx td/artist for sand Fx , very soon , starting next week , onsite outskirts of London , Juniors considered as well ! Best, Dave
  9. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Nico , if you could post the hip file we could see what works and what could be improved, thanks once again for all your feedbacks ! Best, Dave
  10. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Thanks Nico, Juri , eetu and Peter, great suggestions ! As we need this to be fast as well , for sand effects , like in this video sandman formation , we have done many tests , but using flip solver A : its slow B: its more like wet sand and yes we have looked at the walking melting sand girl from a while ago , the issue with that was , it was very slow to calculate ! is there a better approach of sand formation / piling up effect / sand blowing away off a character (Nicos test was good start for the last part), as in this video , and hip files would be good to analyse the best way forward, along the same topic, id like to let you guys know, we have received many emails from Fx td`s , we are replying to the ones we think are suitable , that does not mean the others are not good , its just we need more of a sand solution guys ! Best , Dave
  11. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Hi Guys, Good start test Nico, As some of you have said , getting production quality results is what we are after ! So do you guys think thin smoke , particle advected by flip fluid the best and fast way to approach this and other sand effects like sand piling up ?
  12. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    Hi Guys, like this halo trailer , have any of you tried this kind on sand blowing over the sand dunes Effect ? and if so would be good to know the most efficient way to get this done, and also , if any houdini Fx guys are looking for work PM me , mainly sand effects ! Thanks, Dave