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  1. Thank you so much for these setups I have an issue I'm trying to resolve and either one of the setups come with an issue I can't resolve. Essentially I am trying to add a density noise modifier as to break up the density, but also be able to animate the noise offset of both the deforming noise and the density noise. In the first setup where you deform the volumes already with cloud noise etc I can indeed add density noise but I had strange results so had to increase the number of points and area of points as parts of the noise outside of the points areas was acting unpredictably and not deforming (weird stretching and appearing parts) so any way I resolved this but of course I can't animate the offset of any noise values by nature of the Timeshift node always looking at frame 1 on the density look up. So I tried the other method, and I managed to add density noise but stretches the noise to the centroid of the volume and I can't figure out how to have more natural? [SOLVED] kind off.
  2. Deforming cloud

    I have used both setups from this thread but want to add density noise and animate offsets of all noise sops. but cant in one I can add density noise but can't animate offset of noise. In the other method, I can animate noise but the density noise stretches to the centroid of the volume and can't figure out how to implement density noise correctly. Can anyone help me? [SOLVED] kind off.