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  1. Hi folks, my pipeline is Maya > Houdini> Maya I am a bit confused about scene scale. Please help me! Thanks in advance. These question are bogging me down:: 1. How much percent should I scale my objects in Maya to simulate properly in Houdini space? 2. If a real building is lets assume 260 meter high then what should be uniform size of it in maya and in houdini? 3. If I want to make some ocean sim what should be the size of the ship and the tank? 4. How can I understand this facts? Please give me some book/reference/tut if you can. Thanks for your reply!
  2. NEW TUTORIAL: Alembic Vector Motion Blur Tutorial- A Houdini, Maya, Arnold and Fusion or Nuke Workflow Thanks for watching and Sharing! If you have any suggestion, please come them in! Thanks
  3. Thanks for your feedback! Arnold documented to Normalize vel data for motion vector pass. You are right. I wanted to create a HDA for htomaya....where i can transform the alembic in maya and velocity will update accordingly. So I put a tranform sop before the VOP and add that P. I actually have the HDA and working pretty fine with a tranform SOP with some MEL. Mistakenly I remained it in the tut while creating. Thanks for the heads up anyway!
  4. may be this can helphttps://vimeo.com/163285493
  5. I have come up with some solution: https://vimeo.com/163285493
  6. alembic and motion blur

    I have come up with some solution: https://vimeo.com/163285493
  7. I have come up with some solution: https://vimeo.com/163285493
  8. I have come up with some solution: https://vimeo.com/163285493
  9. you need to go to your geometry level and in property>render>check geometry velocity blur Use trail SOP with compute velocity and angular velocity. In mantra check motion blur and use geometry sample at least 2
  10. Scene Scale How to?

    Thanks a LOT!
  11. Scene Scale How to?

    Thanks a TON for the detailed explanation. Just one thing: It means after the sim cache, I will re-size it right?
  12. Hey folks, New in HDA...I am seeing that I can't really move my template or copied object with maya, although freeze transform make it updated but it wont be able to animate. So I imported a tranform SOP from Houdini to HDA. It will work. But I need to see the gizmo in Maya. Any Ideas? Thanks! test.hda
  13. {SOLVED} I have created a locator in center. Then went to HDA's cloned object translateY>right click>new expression> copied the attribute string and equal it with locator translator Y value Like this: production_copytest1.houdiniAssetParm_t3__tuple1=locator1.translateY
  14. GDDR5 or DDR3 GPU?

    Hi folks, I need some suggestion. Should I purchase GDDR5 1GB or DDR3 2GB Readon R7 GPU card? Thanks in advance.
  15. GDDR5 or DDR3 GPU?

    I took the risk...Toms Hardware suggested 1 GB DDR5 will make the buffer size smoothly transported....And it's kind of true. I was comparing high scale ocean sim and 2GB was lower in the performance. Thankfully my store dealer was humble to make this happen. I have taken GDDR5 1 GB. Working smoothly with 8 million particles till now...
  16. GDDR5 or DDR3 GPU?

  17. NOOB ALERT! Hi, folks! How can I learn function and expression and it's usage? Exhelp or Houdini help is a great tool but like I have encountered today and is encountering everyday finding right function or making the expression correct is a big issue for me. I didn't know what prim() does. Didn't know it actually exists. Then I saw some tut where everyone is using it, then went to exhelp and understood it. I hope you can understand my situation. So, how can I learn them fast or may be a direction to have them all? Here in Odforce or Sidefx many words are alien to me. How can I overcome it? Please, if you can, share with me how you have learnt function and expression Thanks for your great help!
  18. Learning Function and Expression

    Thanks Atom for the nice suggestion!
  19. Hi Folks! My new tut is uploaded. Hope it will help! Please share with me if you have some better suggestion on this technique. THANKS in advance! CHEERS! Link:
  20. Hi folks, I want to delete an object when it comes to scale 0. How can I do it? I was using delete SOP wit expression $sx<.9. But SX is not supporting. Please suggest. Thanks in advance!
  21. Deleting object when it comes to scale 0

    Solved. I have used color SOP instead.
  22. Deleting object when it comes to scale 0

    Thanks for the reply. It's a converted VDB Surface>polygon, Simply polygon.
  23. Hi, folks! My new tutorial is arrived. It's about how to make crown splash like real flow IOWaterBlast. If you have any suggestion accroding to this tut and the techniques, please share! Thanks a lot!
  24. crown splash

    Hi guys, I know it can be done. I am too close to it, but the only problem is I can't figure out how to create the normals directed along with the surface tangent. I have used polyframe sop too. But its giving the cross pattern which is giving vel a circular motion. How can I face the normal towards the surface exactly...