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  1. Embed Crowd Agent inside HDA?

    OK, so I have noticed this: If I use opdef:../..? Then the Agent node inside the HDA will read the clip information but NOT the rig information. The docs say that you can embed ANY kind of file in an HDA, so I don't understand why the clips can be read but not the rig. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am attempting to make an HDA for Crowd in order to try using it in Unreal. I've used Houdini Crowds a bit but I'm not a Houdini super-wiz and I know even less about setting up HDAs. I could use a little help. I have got to a point where I have an HDA which accepts Agent Definitions in one input and some points in another input. That seems to work OK (in Houdini, at least. I haven't tried Unreal yet). Now I want to 'embed' my agent definition into the HDA. Is that possible? I have tried using the 'extra files' section, but I'm certain I'm not doing it right. How can you read the embedded files? I have read the manual, and tried the following: opdef:.? opdef:../..? oplib:.? etc, etc, and many variations., but nothing seems to work. How is it done? I include my test file if you can spare a minute and set me straight. Many thanks in advance! Dan HDA_test_v03.hipnc
  3. Crowd - Randomize Heading does nothing

    18.0.348 here. Thanks for trying it. It's obviously user error, but I can't see what it is.
  4. Crowd - Randomize Heading does nothing

    It doesn't - I was solving the crowd and it wasn't doing anything. Thanks for replying, though :o)
  5. Crowd - Randomize Heading does nothing

    vector look = set(fit01(rand(@ptnum), -1, 1),0,fit01(rand(@ptnum*23), -1, 1)); vector up = {0,1,0}; @orient = quaternion(maketransform(look, up)); matrix m = qconvert(@orient); v@v = {0,0,1} * m; So, my colleague gave me this voodoo to put in a wrangle BEFORE the Crowd Source node. It does the job, but still leaves me wondering what the Randomize Heading parameters are for on the Crowd Source
  6. Hi, Can anyone explain how to use the Randomize Heading parameters on the Crowd Source? They don't seem to have any effect at all. I have set Velocity to zero, but still no luck yet. Any assistance would be great. Many thanks!
  7. Hi all,I wonder is anyone else is having the problem I am experiencing:I have a simple crowd sim: 1. I have one agent defined from a FBX. The agent is generated in a different hip file and baked out. In my simulation scene, I am accessing the agent from ‘disk’2. I plug this agent into the crowd source node.3. I simulate my crowd source, using the shelf tool. All good so far.4. I have some geometry (waving flag) saved out as a bgeo sequence, which is brought into my crowd system as packed primitive sequence. It is then attached to my simulated agent with the Agent Relationship node.5. I save the scene.6. When I press play or try to cache out my geometry, I get ‘segmentation fault’, Houdini bombs out and I can not load my scene any more. Not only that, I cannot load the backup scene or even any other scenes I have ‘saved_as’ along the way. As soon as I try to load a hip file, I get a segmentation fault again and Houdini bombs out. Weird.I have remade my agent (with new name) from scratch and remade my simulation scene multiple times and this crash keeps happening.Has anyone seen this kind of problem? What can I do to recover my hip scenes
  8. Triggering Animated Crowd Layers?

    Hi Atom, I would love to know if you ever worked out how to get this working. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Cloth Simulation for Crowds

    Hi all, I am trying to get this working but I don't know enough Houdini to get a working scene. I have some agents, from the Stadium preset. I have used the python script from the jointPositions.hip to isolate the hand position of some of those agents. So, now I have 20 or so points waving around in space, where the agent's hands are. I want to loop through each of those points, adding a cloth object each time. Can that be done in a for-each loop? Thanks for any advice. stadiumPreset_v002.hipnc
  10. Varying Wire solver along L-System ?

    I can see that you can generate point attributes when the L-System is created, which gives a couple of useful sounding attributes: gen and width. How would it be possible to feed these into the Wire solver? Let's say I wanted to multiply Elasticity or Angular Damping by that width attribute. Can that be done? How can I do that? Any help at all would be very gratefully recieved. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, I am still working on a shot where trees bend due to a rocket exhaust. I have tried FEM but I think it will not do what I want (too 'chunky'). I would like to try the Wire solver. What I want is the trunk of the tree to bend very slightly, the branches to bend a bit more and the twigs to bend a twitch a lot - bend angle proportional to branch thickness, basically. How can I vary the wire deformer strength or bend angle along the length of the L-System branches? I suspect this is a VERY simple thing for a Houdini TD to do, but I am not sure how to approach it. Please help! I enclose a simple setup where I have a L-system, converted into a Wire sim, with a hard pin constraint on the base of the trunk and I made a Wind force pushing on it. Many thanks l-system_wire_test_02.hip
  12. pushing FEM object using pyro

    yes, Yes, YES !!!! Thanks Paul. I had to modify a bit, but your setup has shown the way. Thanks a lot!!!! Inside the SOPsolver, I reversed the velocity vector. Here is a test render and scene file. l-system_test_05.hip l-system_test_05_H264.mov
  13. fem flip interaction

    How about pyro interacting with FEM? I want to push a FEM object using a pyro sim. Can I use the velocity of the pyro sim to affect (or advect or whatever) the FEM ? Is that possible? I have version 15.5.607 Many thanks
  14. pushing FEM object using pyro

    Thanks for your help, Atom. I suppose sometimes the simplest solution will be good enough! Is it possible to connect those simulations, though?
  15. pushing FEM object using pyro

    Hi everyone, I am trying to bend some trees using a rocket exhaust. I have created a pyro sim for the rocket exhaust, which I have cached cached. I have also created trees in L-systems and made them in to FEM objects. I have been able to use a magnet force in the FEM simulation to deform the trees, but I want to use the pyro sim to force the trees to bend. I assume this is possible, but I do not know how to connect the cached pyro sim to the FEM simulation. I have been trying to use the FieldForce DOP with a SOPvetorField plugged into the data, but I have no idea how to configure these nodes. Can anyone help me with getting this to work? Thanks! Dan l-system_test_04.hip