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  1. Hi all, I'm not a lighting or shading person. I'm barely a Houdini person, if the truth was told, but I struggle on... I am having a terrible time trying to figure out how to assign random textures to packed geometry in Solaris/Lops/USD/Karma (referred to as SULK from now on, OK?) I have a Crowd scene with some flag waving agents. I want the flags to have a material on them where I can choose a random texture from a set of three textures. With me so far? Excellent. How? I've tried 'editMaterial' node I've tried 'materialVariation' node I've even looked at 'variations' but that's s total mess in there - I'm not going anywhere near that! The flag geometry is packed and has an attribute called 'flagTex' which has a random int value from 1 - 3. When I import the geometry into SULK, that attribute becomes primvar@flagTex So far so mediocre. Now the problem: How do I use that attribute to choose a texture file on the shader? I can do this in Mantra, so I would expect it can be done in SULK, but how? I expected SULK to relieve some of the pain of StyleSheets but in truth it is a lot worse. Please, someone, help me out here before I throw in the towel and ditch SULK. Many thanks. Dan
  2. adding skinned agent layers

    Hi Jamie, I've been working on this today and think I have a simple method. I make a little write-up for my website, please take a look and see if it helps you. http://www.crowd-effects.com/2020/06/agent-preparation-with-skinned-clothing.html
  3. CROWD: Layering Agent Layers?

    Thanks Jamie, I'm trying it with skinned clothing but having wierd results. This could be better implemented, to be honest.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to use more than one Agent Layer at a time? For example, I have an Agent with naked skin geometry as the default layer. I want to add a random shirt, and random trousers and then random shoes. However, the randomize layer in the Crowd Source node only allows picking ONE layer at a time. Any tricks out there that allow this? Many thanks, Dan
  5. adding skinned agent layers

    Hi, I did something similar to what you are trying to do, I think. I wanted a crowd agent to wave a flag and to have that flag simmed as a Vellum object. That's kind of what you are attempting, if I understand you correctly. I added flag geo, as a layer, and then simmed it as Vellum, after the crowd sim. There is a SideFX workflow tutorial on this ("AttachingCloth to Agents" in the help system) The trick is to have the cloth packed into the agent when you are defining the agent, then when you run your crowd simulation, you then Unpack the cloth using the Agent Vellum Unpack node and connect the output of that through the Vellum solver. Plese take a look at my little write-up on my web site. I go throuah all the steps. http://www.crowd-effects.com/2020/06/flag-waving-crowd-agents-in-houdini.html
  6. Thanks Drasko, I'm hoping I won't have to make seperate agents or agent layers to do do what I want. I think you might be on the right track, though. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi eveyone, I'm hoping to get a little help from a Crowd person on here. When making an Agent, how do you get different parts of the geometry to be different Agent Shapes? Let's say I have a mesh from an FBX. The mesh is a single piece, however the primitives have an attribute called @shop_materialpath I want all the primitives with @shop_materialpath = "shirt" to be one Agent Shape and all primitives with @shop_materialpath = "skin" to be another Agent Shape, and so on. Am I making sense here? If any kind person can help me, I would be grateful. Many thanks Dan
  8. Embed Crowd Agent inside HDA?

    OK, so I have noticed this: If I use opdef:../..? Then the Agent node inside the HDA will read the clip information but NOT the rig information. The docs say that you can embed ANY kind of file in an HDA, so I don't understand why the clips can be read but not the rig. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Hi, I am attempting to make an HDA for Crowd in order to try using it in Unreal. I've used Houdini Crowds a bit but I'm not a Houdini super-wiz and I know even less about setting up HDAs. I could use a little help. I have got to a point where I have an HDA which accepts Agent Definitions in one input and some points in another input. That seems to work OK (in Houdini, at least. I haven't tried Unreal yet). Now I want to 'embed' my agent definition into the HDA. Is that possible? I have tried using the 'extra files' section, but I'm certain I'm not doing it right. How can you read the embedded files? I have read the manual, and tried the following: opdef:.? opdef:../..? oplib:.? etc, etc, and many variations., but nothing seems to work. How is it done? I include my test file if you can spare a minute and set me straight. Many thanks in advance! Dan HDA_test_v03.hipnc
  10. Crowd - Randomize Heading does nothing

    18.0.348 here. Thanks for trying it. It's obviously user error, but I can't see what it is.
  11. Crowd - Randomize Heading does nothing

    It doesn't - I was solving the crowd and it wasn't doing anything. Thanks for replying, though :o)
  12. Crowd - Randomize Heading does nothing

    vector look = set(fit01(rand(@ptnum), -1, 1),0,fit01(rand(@ptnum*23), -1, 1)); vector up = {0,1,0}; @orient = quaternion(maketransform(look, up)); matrix m = qconvert(@orient); v@v = {0,0,1} * m; So, my colleague gave me this voodoo to put in a wrangle BEFORE the Crowd Source node. It does the job, but still leaves me wondering what the Randomize Heading parameters are for on the Crowd Source
  13. Hi, Can anyone explain how to use the Randomize Heading parameters on the Crowd Source? They don't seem to have any effect at all. I have set Velocity to zero, but still no luck yet. Any assistance would be great. Many thanks!
  14. Hi all,I wonder is anyone else is having the problem I am experiencing:I have a simple crowd sim: 1. I have one agent defined from a FBX. The agent is generated in a different hip file and baked out. In my simulation scene, I am accessing the agent from ‘disk’2. I plug this agent into the crowd source node.3. I simulate my crowd source, using the shelf tool. All good so far.4. I have some geometry (waving flag) saved out as a bgeo sequence, which is brought into my crowd system as packed primitive sequence. It is then attached to my simulated agent with the Agent Relationship node.5. I save the scene.6. When I press play or try to cache out my geometry, I get ‘segmentation fault’, Houdini bombs out and I can not load my scene any more. Not only that, I cannot load the backup scene or even any other scenes I have ‘saved_as’ along the way. As soon as I try to load a hip file, I get a segmentation fault again and Houdini bombs out. Weird.I have remade my agent (with new name) from scratch and remade my simulation scene multiple times and this crash keeps happening.Has anyone seen this kind of problem? What can I do to recover my hip scenes
  15. Triggering Animated Crowd Layers?

    Hi Atom, I would love to know if you ever worked out how to get this working. Any help would be appreciated!