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  1. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    oh, ok... I will bend the glass after the sim... Don't need to use Arnold... even it will be similar for Arnold... I will check that. Thanks a lot. Bretislav
  2. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    The other issue I have is that as long as it is on BOX object it looks great... Radial cracks are curvy, but no matter what if You make Material Fracture on imported object or a pig head test geometry or any other. The radial cracks are just straight... as well as concentric cracks...
  3. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Thanks Victor... But there is going to be like 5 shots hitting the glass... so I need to make some "geometry mask", based on some attribute, There is something, some attribute "Broken" on the constraints... maybe that's the way. Can't figure it out... (or I was thinking about converting both do VDB do some " diffrence mask" and then use this for combining cracked and uncracked mesh ... ?)
  4. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Here ss a file... HOW_TO.zip
  5. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Yes, but how, what feed into switch?
  6. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    OK, I solved the thing... I'm about to render it.. as a glass. How are You guys doing this? You have some workaround for this? I mean.. "Material Fracture" is fractured all the way from frame 1. so it's on the render as well. Is there some way to mix the "uncracked" and "cracked" mesh based on some attribute? What will be the best way to handle this? On a pictur is frame 1, the cracking starts on Frame 5 or so...
  7. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    OK, I see.. Thanks!
  8. Material Fracture Bullet Glass

    Hi, I try to make a car glass bullet hit... I can't figure how to make the connected pieces which stay attached to glass, I tried "soft constraint" of the "Material fracture node, but I can't figure how to break the soft constraint in some distance, pieces always returning back no matter how far they are.. which looks more like a STAR GATE portal opening Sklo_TEST_11.hip
  9. solved... wrong agent name in mocapbiped3_setup
  10. Hi so Im stuck here... I have this basic setup, with ready to go agent its work well.. I now need to switch Agent geo to a custom "Fatty" one.. So I bind it to a joints from agent setup, "baked agend" but it looks like whole new geo is binded to just a root joint... Cant figure it out. H17 B. Custom_Agent_Help.zip
  11. Hi, is there a way ro reach texture from Agent materials? opdef:../..?clothing_`padzero(3,ch("../../texture"))`.jpg I need just slightly edit it... Thanks BK
  12. Hi, probably very stupid question and basic, but can't figure it out by myself and internet... How to bring Material from "Material Palette" to a "Shop" ? I want to take "Principled Shader" and other shaders to Shop... Hope Its clear. Bretislav
  13. Copy Node

    Hi, I have a growing geometry, (via finding "neighbours" creating goup and than blast the geometry) and I want to copy/stamp objects to points of this growing mesh... But as it is growing the point numbers changing so the stamped scale/ rotation etc... is changing also... Any Idea for some solution or workaround? Thanks BK.
  14. Htoa Hair Problem

    Solved: From Arnold 5, the UVs on hair are the skin UVs. You can use the barycentric coordinates to get the per stand UVs, in your case that would be "bv" from the state_float shader. In Arnold Hair shader ad "State Float" choose "bv" plug StateFloat to a ramp (texture) input and change "Pattern" on Ramp to Custom.
  15. Htoa Hair Problem

    Hi, I made Hairs in Houdini 16.0.557, I made a Hair Standard (Arnold) material where I used Ramp in "V" for color along hair strand. It works in Htoa 2.0.0 (Arnold , unfortunately I have to render this on farm with Htoa 2.0.1 (Arnold and this is not working anymore, it looks like it taking the source geo for hair and colouring whole hairs. (I have kind of strips on these hair strands) - not any more on Htoa 2.0.1 Any Help? Or some workaround? Thanks. B