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  1. Non-Simulated Flame (+hipfile & notes)

    Looking very good Man. Thanks.
  2. FOR EACH LOOP metadata

    Thanks, but, I have this "Feedback each iteration" but it output all generations...
  3. FOR EACH LOOP metadata

    Yes, Thanks Don, that's correct. Here is a file if anyone wonders how to use this. B. BK_for_loop.hip
  4. Hi there, is there a way to have just last iteration of the for each loop? I mean the last "generation" ? Im scattering points, looping a copytopoint node. So it is growing mesh. But i would like to have just the new ones every frame. metadata from each loop maybe, somehow? I also have a popnetwork after scatter, to get age and tried to use "Just Born group". But I still get the whole mesh every frame (for obvious reasons) Iteration Method is by count. Im rising iterations with $F. Thanks. BK.
  5. Hi Guys, is it possible to go ROP > COP > ROP I have a displacement from COP {noise} baked to texture, I would like to shading Color based on P.y but after displacement. Is there a way? I basicely using the same noise for Cd as for Displacement just shifted with ramp into some colors. The only way I found is "ramp from attribute" {from displacement Cd} and than take it back to COP and write textures. But the color is point color so I have to subdivide the mesh way to high. [using Arnold] B.
  6. ARNOLD Shader Cop op: path

    OK You are slow Guys.. ROP Output. (and Im lazy)
  7. ARNOLD Shader Cop op: path

    Or at least how to bake Cop textures out to a file?
  8. Hi, anyone knows if op: path like op:/obj/Sphere/cop2net1/OUT should work in Arnold shader? Arnold Voppnet > standard surface > "image" node to color cant get it to work. I also tried opfullpath(/obj/Sphere/cop2net1/OUT) B.
  9. UV Coordinates FOLD Transform

    OK, I found a COPS "Tile" node... I cant see now, why he did not use this...
  10. Hi Guys, I'm trying to replicate COP workflow from Simon Holmedal, in the video below about 29:00 he folding UV coordinate VOPCOP filter... I can't make it work... Any Idea? Thanks.
  11. Muscle Loose End

    Hi Guys, my very first try on Houdini Rigging and Muscles, is it possible to make a muscle with one loose end? I need a rig dynamic udder. (cow) The other thing I experiencing is when I ad a "Muscle Displace" and connect muscles it strongly deform my skin.. Why?? Thanks.
  12. Wire attached geo collision

    Well, my geometry is growing... so I can't use this method because the number of points changing...
  13. Wire attached geo collision

    Yes, look promising, Thanks for this! B.
  14. Well... actually it works already..
  15. Hi, I'm generating curves... I want with the "Group by range" select say the first point and offset it with $F, I have this done... for all curves doing the same.. But what if I want a random, in a way that offset of selection on every curve is different, I was trying to use primnum, but seems not to work... Do I need some "For Each"? And if so, how. Please and Thanks! Bretislav DontKnow.hip