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  1. Hi, probably very stupid question and basic, but can't figure it out by myself and internet... How to bring Material from "Material Palette" to a "Shop" ? I want to take "Principled Shader" and other shaders to Shop... Hope Its clear. Bretislav
  2. Copy Node

    Hi, I have a growing geometry, (via finding "neighbours" creating goup and than blast the geometry) and I want to copy/stamp objects to points of this growing mesh... But as it is growing the point numbers changing so the stamped scale/ rotation etc... is changing also... Any Idea for some solution or workaround? Thanks BK.
  3. Htoa Hair Problem

    Solved: From Arnold 5, the UVs on hair are the skin UVs. You can use the barycentric coordinates to get the per stand UVs, in your case that would be "bv" from the state_float shader. In Arnold Hair shader ad "State Float" choose "bv" plug StateFloat to a ramp (texture) input and change "Pattern" on Ramp to Custom.
  4. Htoa Hair Problem

    Hi, I made Hairs in Houdini 16.0.557, I made a Hair Standard (Arnold) material where I used Ramp in "V" for color along hair strand. It works in Htoa 2.0.0 (Arnold , unfortunately I have to render this on farm with Htoa 2.0.1 (Arnold and this is not working anymore, it looks like it taking the source geo for hair and colouring whole hairs. (I have kind of strips on these hair strands) - not any more on Htoa 2.0.1 Any Help? Or some workaround? Thanks. B
  5. KS_Feather

    Hi, Very Nice and Usefull, for me for sure.. Im about to make an Classic Salmon fly, but Iam facing a little problem now... I cant make strands all longer than quill... see picture.. I cant figure it how to to this... Is there a way? Im not sure i fully understand the way it creating feather.. probably inside Attribute VOP "Left_Strand" change some "fit" ? ???
  6. Channel Reference?

    OK chop(...) working... My mistake. Thank All !
  7. Channel Reference?

    Thanks lewkiw.. but No Luck for me... still not get this to work...
  8. Channel Reference?

    The channel is not promoted.. I dont have to where to click.. I tried ch(/obj/pno/CHOP_Network/midiin1/con_64) but didnt work... I dont know how to handle these in houdini...
  9. Hi I have dumb question.. But I cant figure it out.. Im quite new in houdini.. Heres the thing Im creating MIDI playing piano I have CHOP_Network, inside i have MIDI_in node... /obj/pno/CHOP_Network/midiin1 I have channels there... and I have channel named con_64 which is for sustain pedale And I have object of pedale ( /obj/PEDALE ) , which i want to rotate in say X by te value of con_64 Im sure its pretty easy.. but... I dont know how... Thanks for any answer...
  10. Knitting in Houdini

    Great, Right, Im blind... so its working now. but still not get UVs ... they are deleted in "attribdelete5" ..but even when I disable it UVs disepeard after node "foreach_begin3" ...
  11. Knitting in Houdini

    Thanks Alican, texture works for me as far as I disabled "attribdelete5" (uv) but still cant get to render whole geometry, just one iteration as you mentioned... B.
  12. Knitting in Houdini

    Thanks alican, bt when I set render flag on last node (attribwrangle2) I render just small part of geometry. I also ad hair material (Im usiing Mantra) but i think its not get UVs..
  13. Knitting in Houdini

    Thanks Its great, I only dont know how to render this out? I can see just one part of cloth... during "foreach" probably... How You render this please? BK
  14. Learning Crowds

    Atom you have some sample file for particle approach please ?