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  1. Learning Crowds

    Hi, no, Because Im importing it from FBX... is there way to specify limbs in fbx?
  2. Crowd Agents Orientation

    Im not doing it via Feet Adaptation ! But via Vex code in "attribute wrangler" placed after import dop. Thanks anyway.
  3. Crowd Agents Orientation

    All right you probably need fbx as well ANT_PROXY_11Frames.zip
  4. Crowd Agents Orientation

    In the scene (its rough) You can see on a first frame the orintation of Ants (p@orient) is just fine, but once it is moved it is not working any more. B. ODFORCE_CROWD.hip
  5. Learning Crowds

    At start all heading in Z direction.. and so its working.. http://postimg.org/image/ejir4zlcb/ but once they change direction... its not working any more... http://postimg.org/image/bo12kdryj/
  6. Learning Crowds

    Hi, I have same problem, it work with edward solution but just until te agent rotate (heading), and than its rotated in a wrong direction...