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  1. Experiments with Volumetric Rendering

    Hey Rohan, awesome renders, I really need to test Octane The pure volumetric approach is very clever, didn't think about that when I was doing my experiments. My goal was to get the look of the light particles traveling through the volume, but heating the volume with the particles could work also, have to test that. 6 minutes rendertime are much better, the best I could get was around 30 minutes with still very noticeable noise... Cheers, Chris
  2. Experiments with Volumetric Rendering

    Thanks for the answer. A few weeks ago I tried to replicate this kind of effect: Mantra was super slow, so I did dome experiments with redshift. It is definitely faster than Mantra, but I just couldn't get the same look as the video. Would be interesting to see something similar with Octane How would you approach this effect? I tried several ways, with mesh lights, incandescent materials, point light instancing, but I couldn't get a similar result.
  3. Experiments with Volumetric Rendering

    Awesome renders! Looking forward to the tutorials! did you compare the render times with redshift?
  4. InstanceFile Geomtry Motion Blur

    Have you tried to calculate the velocities with the trail SOP set to "Compute velocity"?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to access an attribute inside a popnet to set for example the impulse rate of the emission based on that attribute. It doesn't work though and I want to understand why... The attached demo scene does the following: - Create a speed attribute (speed) based on the length of the velocity vector of the geo points. - Then this attribute is promoted to a primitive attribute (I guess that's needed, because accessing a point attribute doesn't make sense in the next step) - Now I should be able to use that attribute with $SPEED inside the popnetwork to control the impulse rate. Why is that not working? Btw, I know how to do this effect in an alternative way, so this is more a general question. I hate unsolved problems Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Chris attrib_to_pop3.hipnc
  6. Solved the problem I'm so st.... forgot to add the rest position to the geometry
  7. Just a simple test (see attached hip file): A unified noise is driving displacement and color (no uv's, position is in object space). The problem is, that the displacement and the color values do not match (see picture, the red color should be only the highest areas). The problem doesn't occur when using UV's for the position, but I want to use the position in object space. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated! Greetings, Chris problem.hip
  8. Rendering nurbs curves without surface

    The carve SOP did the trick! Thanks a lot!
  9. Most likely a simple question, but I can't figure it out....: How can I render just the nurbs curves from a nurbs object without the surface? Any help would be appreciated! Greets, Chris