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  1. Hi everone, I've heard about the Conference Siggraph Asia 2014 http://sa2014.siggraph.org/en/ Who was in 2013? Whos going to in this year? Is it worth to go? Please give me some advice?
  2. What's new in software of VFX?

    I think about solution like this: I upload everything to the cloud and I work on files that has just dropped. Is something like this?
  3. What's new in software of VFX?

    Thanks, but still this not solution, because I have to invest in strong computer and after learn. Maybe After Effects - cloud solution? I worry about rendering in Nuke ...
  4. What's new in software of VFX?

    Hi, guys, I wonder if there is a software that not reqiure large financial resources for hardware? I do not know well Nukex, but I want learn Nuke and for me is problematic price and learn at home. Is there alternative way for compositing software cheaper than Nuke and less reguired for hardware?