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  1. Get prim attribute value via python

    cool! I got it. Thanks for your time guys! null = hou.node("/obj/GEO_model/null1") nullname = null.geometry().iterPrims()[0].attribValue('name') null.setName(nullname)
  2. Hi. Guys. I'm stuck python scripts. How to get "name" attribute value at prim via python? I would replace the Null name with it. Python scripts is new to me. I'm not sure error meaning. Please give me some advice. Thanks! Saori
  3. Thank you vicvvsh ! It works perfectly. super cool!
  4. Hi Houdini guys, I'm doing a Pyro simulation using the instance function because of the smoke&fire of a long trail. I've instructed to create 10 clusters, but there are more than double as many containers created in the scene. The reason is that I'm increasing the sub steps in Dop network. I confirmed that the sub-step of 1 produced the specified number of clusters. However, I need to keep the substeps because the emitters are moving fast and the flames need to look nice in my scene. Is it possible to generate a container only for integer frames? If u have suggestion, I'm highly appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. My scene works perfectly now. Your tips gave me a good push, thanks a lot! voronoi_test03.hip
  6. Hi, Houdini users. I'm making voronoi test scene now. I've calculated the volume to voronoi fracture in foreach. I want to flag the biggest piece in it. I'm trying few solution but still dose not working. How to search maximum value of attribute? Then how to flag put up these? Thanks! voronoi_test02.hip