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  1. FX Artist / TD for hire

    Great work Szymon! congrats! christian
  2. Maybe Craig could do a new DVD soon... I would like to see other options than DT and CMIvfx ones. regards
  3. Dynamics File Node

    any hip file? cheers
  4. I3d Animation

    Great work indeed... what about rendering times? bests chris
  5. hello folks I would like to know how to import houdini particles in maya in a way that I can use an attribute like particleID to drive a creation expression on radiusPP. I guess that RFexport can
  6. Creation attribute in pop ...

    Hello Old School! thx, it worked perfectly! just wondering why I can't use an attribute pop to pass information to copy sop instead? kind regards
  7. Creation attribute in pop ...

    I am trying a similar setup to use an attribute POP to create a variable to scale a geometry copied on a copy SOP. at POP network: group POP : $AGE==0 attribute POP source group = group name = yscale value = rand($ID ) on Details View, it shows me the yscale value correctly but I can't use this attribute at copy SOP. thx for any help cheers
  8. Hello list I am trying to do this simple scene, where I need to detect the intersection between open curves and generate new curves from it. I was thinking on something like cookie sop, but with a procedure that can work with curves instead of polys any ideas? thx
  9. Vancouver Visit

    Hello List I am in Vancouver for some days, until November 23, for a visit to a friend. I would like to know if anyone using Houdini in production/pipeline would be kind enough to arrange a brief visit. thx anyone chris
  10. Letter From Particles

    Sorry, folks too simple I will post it anyway \\`stamp("copy1","parameter",1)` where "parameter" is "int(rand($PT)*128)" ( randomizing between the first 128 ascii characters ) bests chris
  11. Hello Houdiners a simple question ( I hope ). I have a simple scene where I want to emit random letters from a particle system. Diggin on houdini help I found the expression "//$F3" ( frame number ) to use on the font sop , I am wondering if there is such a way to use "stamp" function on Font SOP to drive the ascii code based on particle $PT. thx in advance chris
  12. Dops Intersection Geometry

    I am doing the animation ( simulation ) in dops, but as always in houdini, the solution is clean and easier that I supposed to be. thx chris
  13. Dops Intersection Geometry

    Hello List I am trying to do a simple scene where 2 spheres are passing through each other generating particles on geometry intersection. Any ideas? thx in advance chris
  14. How To Invert $life Values?

    Thx a lot! simple and logical bests chris
  15. How To Invert $life Values?

    Hello list sorry if this is a silly question but I am needing help on invert $LIFE values on a pop network. I will drive a metaball value based on $LIFE parameters, and would like to know if I can do it with a node inside POP network... thx for any advice chris