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  1. LOL! I swear I'm blind. Unchecking "piece_attribute" worked. Thanks Sepu.
  2. Hey everyone. Excuse me firstly, as I am sure this has been asked many times before. But with the new block-type foreach sop setup from H15 and onwards. How do we get it to iterate over each prim or point and not a piece or attribute. I know I could easily drop down a wrangle and make an id attrib for each ptnum or primnum but just wondering if there's something obvious I'm missing with the new setup where I don't always have to throw down the wrangle beforehand... So I want to iterate over prim/points , not attributes like in the first image with the old method , forloop subnetwork. But in the second image with the new method you see there is only an option to iterate over a piece attributes from what I can tell. Would appreciate some info here if anyone knows. Thanks, Chris.F
  3. Greetings, I'm trying to get into the new way of using POPs inside of DOPs. The current scenario I'm dealing with requires a set of particles to follow another lead particle. In the old POPs prior to Houdini 13.. this was pretty straight forward using the follow node, where first input is the follower, second input is the lead and it would just work. I see now there is a popFlock node in the new POPs but cant seem to get it to do what I want, all I can get it to do is make my follower clump of particles flock to eachother and not to the seperate lead particle. Anybody have any suggestions or ideas on this one, or am I missing something ? I could just use an old POP network but I'd like to transition to the new system because of the speed improvements. Thanks, Chris.
  4. shatter objects by an image

    Sorry to revive such an old thread. But I was wondering if anybody out there has a good way of shattering objects via a painted map, using the objects UV's. The Trace SOP works perfectly fine for flat planes, but if I had quite a curvey complex object that I needed a very art directed fracture pattern on. How would one go about this? I thought about doing some form of pelt mapping ,flattening the geo into the shape of its UV's, fracturing that with a Trace SOP, then warping the geo back to it's original state. But haven't managed to get this working properly.
  5. Flip fluid stream from fast moving object

    Hey guys I am trying the same thing with no such luck. Also have some fast moving geo I'm trying to emit fluid from. But When I add the motionblur settings that Sierra62 suggested on the fluidsource node, my sdf freaks out I get voxels appearing on the edge of the bounding box of the fluidsource in the isosurfaces display. I was wondering if there is anything I need to do to fix this. I think the caveat here is that my emission geometry is a couple spheres I have copied on to some moving points. They have velocities calculated before being plugged into the fluid source using a trail sop, but I think the multiple emission sources is somehow confusing the fluid source sop.
  6. Thanks anim, just solved it using the sort sop but will try out that technique too.
  7. I'm reading in a cloth sim from maya via an alembic export. I have no idea why but the alembic export from maya seems to have scrambling point numbers every couple of frames in the sequence. I've tried a lot to solve this from the Maya side with no such luck. I have UV's which are consistent and not scrambled so I was wondering if there was someway to renumber the points based off the UV data? Been scratching my head for a while over this, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris. **EDIT** Murpheys law, a minute after posting this I managed to solve it. Sollution was using SortSOP set to 'By Attribute' uv. Which renumbered the points based on their positions on the UV's