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  1. hi,

    Yash i am from Mumbai i search about you from lost boys alumni student i want to join Lost boys school, here i am working from last 1.5 years in Houdini as fx artist. can you please suggest me about lost boys study environment and after completion job placement. and also i have lot more question please advise what would be best for me to study Houdini FX over there. if its possible please mail me on my given email ID (husain268@gmail.com) i will be very thank full to you.      

    1. yashpolke


      Hey Imran, 


      Can you email me at yashpolke@gmail.com I never check this forum for emails



  2. Attribute transfer using PcOpen FAILING!

    What a silly mistake, Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it!
  3. Hello all! So, I am animating a sphere with red colour and transferring that colour to a black grid. Using a solver I then create a lag of the colour value on the grid. The first method I use is ofcourse the Attribute Transfer SOP. This method works great and is perfect The second method I use is a wrangle and I do a pcfilter by Cd and transfer the colour Now the problem using this method is that when I do this transfer of attrib in the solver, it does not create a lag as I expect it to, like the attrib transfer SOP and I am curious as to why that is happening Hopefully someone has the answer to this, any help would be greatly appreciated! -Yash attribTransLag.hipnc
  4. Cloth based Paper Confetti Setup

    This is not using cloth but maybe it can help you achieve what you are looking for Take a look at the following link: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/21786-falling-leaves-sim/
  5. you can also drop down a wrangle, below your node tree and type in this: @group_group_name = 1; and run it over points, so all the primitives in the group containing your prims will be added to this point group of the same name.
  6. Cannon smoke tips/help

    For the shape of the smoke : What you can do is create a geo shape that will be the source of your smoke. eg: When i did cannon fire i had make a line, transformed it and copied a bunch around the origin of the line, which gave me a cone like appereance and then i just added some noise on it to make it a little curly. Then I gave it some density and velocity using a VOPSOP and then used the cluster points node. This node automatically gives you cluterpoints and averagepoints. I used the averagepoints to make a bounding box for the curly lines geo for smoke and used the fluid source to make a volume out of it and put that into the sim. Remember you have to source the bounding box in the smoke object which you use in the sim. I used the resize also but sometimes its good not to use the resize since it messes the smoke shape. And i think this method itself will prevent the mushroom shape you are talking about Then you can do all sorts of things like wind and drag to your smoke in the DOP network and manage the look of the smoke with the solver, I used a Pyro solver. For controlling the emmision time of the smoke I used Python, gave it a fire frame attribute, and made a digital asses out of it so that you can just enter the frame you want the cannon to fire. I hope this helps! Yash