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  1. Hey guys, I have a few questions regarding Caching elements using the BGEO format. Im wondering what the advantages or disadvantages are when using the bgeo.sc compression vs bgeo without compression. Are there other benefits to using sc, other than smaller file sizes? also are there disadvantages, such as it taking longer for playback because of the compression on larger files? Lastly are there advantages or disadvantages in using other compression formats like gz and others? Appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks, Jordan
  2. Sorry For the late reply. Thanks for all the help guys! I did end up getting it to work after realizing i was missing a density attribute which i didn't think i needed for it to work. I have the same question now for flip fluids though? is the method the same or is there other things you need to do when sourcing a velocity field into a flip simulation? Thanks again
  3. Hey guys, I have a velocity volume that i am trying to source into my pyro simulation in Houdini 17. But with the new volume source node i cant seem to figure out how to get this working. Does anyone know how to hook up a velocity volume with the new volume sourcing in 17? Thank You!
  4. vopsop particle emission

    Group Points by expression $CR > 0.5 (or whatever value you want) Emit from that group.
  5. What comes to mind is the curl noise parameter found in the emitter settings . If its not check out this RND of pyro settings for a visual aid to find what your looking for.
  6. Where to Find Destructible Geometry?

    Hey thanks for the link that was exactly what i was looking for.
  7. Where to Find Destructible Geometry?

    Sorry I didn't read over that post before i posted it and didn't realize how unclear I was. What really meant say I'm looking for free models on turbo squid what kind of things should i avoid in the mesh and if there was website or links to examples. Death to all geo!
  8. Particle separation flip fluids

    Hey, One thing that is for sure is when you up res your simulation the look is always changing. That applies for any solver i have ever worked with in Houdini and any other package as well.
  9. Where to Find Destructible Geometry?

    Hey guys, Im looking to do a building destruction shot and I was wondering the best approach to building or finding destructible geometry. So my questions are... 1. What should I be looking for in geo? 2. What should i be avoiding? 3. Is there a website i can find some finished models or examples? 4. Is it better to just model everything in a procedural way?
  10. Hopefully someone else can figure out exactly what your looking for because my knowledge of Houdini is very basic. The only thing I can think of to speed things up is to break it up into multiple copies and merge them together later? sorry I'm not more help
  11. Are you using packed geometry? if your geometry is packed it will copy your pieces to the points a lot faster than just doing it normally. They go over the difference in times in the Bullet Master Class. you might want to check that out if you haven't already.
  12. FLIP preconditioner? openCL? whats the catch?

    Check out this link from the Houdini forums. there isn't an exact answer to what your asking but there is some information in there about using the pre conditioner. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=31242&highlight=preconditioner
  13. The (very) first Days...

    Looks awesome man i love the progress. I really enjoy the look of the "Growing Glob" at 1:20 looks so cool!
  14. why the foam looks blocky?

    This could be a sampling issue in your mantra settings. Try raising your Stochastic samples in your mantra node.
  15. Wax Melting Wip

    I have my first render of the head melting and although there are some things that need improvements regarding the simulation I feel like for a test Im quite happy with it and am going to start moving onto a new project. Would love everyone input/constructive criticism/