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  1. Vellum Hair _ deforming geo

    Thanks for your time Vitor ! Its working
  2. Vellum Hair _ deforming geo

    Hi, I am trying to use vellum hair with an alembic or deforming geo but everithing is instable when i tick " match animation ". Everyone could help me? Please see the reference scene ! The video is my first experiment with static object . Thanks! https://vimeo.com/295541397 Vellum_hair_deformgeo.hiplc
  3. Houdini Pyro - Dust Storm

    Hi guys! I recently work on this test of Pyro dust . i will try to do more soon. I used Arnold to render and pyroclastic method for the sim with scattered points for divergence. Render time about 15 hours on my machine... Can i have our feedback and advices. Cheers https://vimeo.com/206276685