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  1. SciTech Award Ceremony - Mark and Andrew

    Congratulations Andrew and Mark !! Milla, a kind of überbeautiful micro voxel nerd? ... Yeeeah !!!!
  2. Del.Icio.Us - shutdown

  3. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    Ok Mark, confirmed, all working great, thanks.
  4. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    Great Mark, I will test 11.0.462 version. Yes, I can work unchecking "Material Shaders" in "Display Options".
  5. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    Not working yet, black objects when 'Material Shaders' is checked. Nvidia Quadro FX 3500 Driver version: 258.96 Houdini 11.0.460 Windows 7 64 bits. Display options warning icon message: Texture use: 0 MiB (0 maps) Framebuffer: 31 MiB (1052x683) Warning: Omnidirectional area shadows are not supported by DX9 hardware. Omnidirectional point shadows will be used instead.
  6. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    Same here using Nvidia Quadro FX 3500. I have unchecked "Display Options -> Effects -> Material Shaders" to back to old Houdini viewport behavior. Nothing about your others problems.
  7. Sculptris

    Yes, very cool sculpting application, very light. It uses dynamic tessellation, no more full object subdivision for locals details. This guy was hired by Pixologic some days ago, this is the original site: http://www.sculptris.com/ now with new logos around
  8. cymatics in houdini... is it posible?

    Something to start to play cymatics.mov
  9. has the sidefx website down?

    Bingo! ... short life for this rumor. Another video for curious minds: Realtime Houdini spirit.
  10. has the sidefx website down?

    I have heard from somebody from SESI that they are updating all the site for the upcoming new Houdini version: SideFX is making a new Houdini interface update: .
  11. pixelated 3d look

    hehe, yes ... I was using the old school way.
  12. pixelated 3d look

    my pointer pixels.hipnc
  13. Maya skinning...

    OMFG !!!