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  1. inverting camera/scene transformations

    What if the object/camera wasn't animating at the obj level and rather on the sop (per point) level? I'm trying to do the same and get the transforms/rotations on geometry imported from maya.
  2. laptop gpu - ati 7970m or nvidia 680m

    Went with a 4GB 680m and haven't looked back!
  3. Water inside of air field

    Are you constantly filling up the areas that aren't water with air particles?
  4. Getting a laptop for maya and houdini work and trying to find the card that offers best driver support/performance. I can't afford quadro and haven't put any ot those cards in the running. I've been reading how the compute on the 600 series nvidia cards has been crippled as compared to 500 series. Floating point precision is way down. (is it even worth it to find a 580m or stick with 680m) I'm struggling now between the ati 7970m or the nvidia gtx680m. I know the 680m is a significant premium over the 7970m price, but chose to ignore it as I need the best possible peformance/stablility from the gpu gtx680m pros driver support performance - edges out 7970m in most benchmarks can get a card with 4GB ram allowing for more complex sims/gpu work cons low compute ati 7970m pros compute for opengl seems to edge out 680m performance - edges out 7970m in most benchmarks cons driver support? no cuda support (not sure if this matters since opencl) nvidia fanboy - no experience with ati in 3d packages Thanks for your advice!
  5. translating pyro sim - how to negate container motion

    I got an answer from the sidefx forum if anyone is interested....thanks http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=125535#125535
  6. I'm trying to run a pyro sim where it is parented to follow some animation but I don't want the sim to pick up that velocity from the translation/rotation. I want the pyro sim to act as if its simming in place and then I want to apply the motion as an afterthought. In the example, once the pyro container starts moving I don't want the velocity of the emitter/container to influence the simulation. Tried using motion and objectposition dops to negate the effect but nothing. Also didn't have luck playing with options on the resize_container or source_density_from_box Thanks! Any help is appreciated. translated_pyro.hip
  7. H12 flip emitter rate?

    solved...I'm an idiot. There is a "scale velocity" parameter that Johner pointed out on the Source Volume Dop. Thanks!
  8. I haven't been able to adjust the emission speed of a source volume node with H12 flips. The closest I can come is to scale the object down, but that obviously affects the size of the emission as well. Anybody figure out how to just slow the fluid emission? Thanks!
  9. eetu's lab

    This thread is just amazing!!! LOVE the example files...learning so much.
  10. I'm a maya user new to houdini and really love the workflow and would appreciate some help with creating hail using a POP network. I'm using a grid as my particle source with: drag force sop for gravity property sop for dynamic and static friction rotation sop instance sop collision sop for the groundplane collision I'm having problems getting somewhat realistic per particle rotation. I've tried using the rotate sop and wrote an expression to rotate the particles until the first collision, and obviously the rotation instantly stops upon collision. -rotate sop parameters- angle --> rand($ID)*$FF*15 axis type ---> vector if ($NUMHIT > 0 , 0, vector3(rand($ID),rand($ID+1),rand($ID+2))) How can I derive per particle rotations that will slow down as the hail comes to stop due to friction? Any suggestions to my workflow and if this is the best approach. Thanks for your help in advance!