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  1. Deep Shadows not working

    Had checked that too - I'm beginning to think it's an IPR issue, because my mplay renders are looking up the DSMs... odd. Edit: confirmed: IPR doesn't recognise the shadow maps. Is this a setting or expected behaviour?
  2. Deep Shadows not working

    I'm trying to render a very large number of particles, using a shadow map generated from a volume to expedite render times... For a test with an animated sphere and plane, I've generated the maps successfully per frame and viewed them in mplay to check they're fine, but mantra still seems to be generating shadows on the fly despite auto-generate shadow maps being unchecked.... changing the referenced shadow map frame on the light has no effect. Am I missing something?
  3. Fog Volume rendering

    I've always wondered fsimerey - do the edge mattes line up between Mantra's various render contexts ok? ie there's no difference in edge interpretation between the modes?
  4. Mantra Checkpoint Tiles

    I have a long-ish PBR render (4-5hr frame) that ran to 66% with checkpoints enabled before timing out on the farm. I resubmitted the frame with checkpoints enabled and got the message: >Resuming from checkpoint file: read 4040 tiles from /path/to/bla_sh004_lighting_v010_bty.1062.exr.mantra_checkpoint (I presumed this meant a successful resume) I then watched as my new render started from exactly the same tile as the first render... it didn't seem to actually skip any part of the render. Is this expected behaviour? Am I misunderstanding checkpoints? I figured this should start back up SOMEWHERE near the percentage of completion I got up to previously, but it appears that's not the case... edit: interesting observation is that looking at the images in Nuke, the same tiles (up to 66%) in the EXR are there - just a hunch that the new render is just rendering straight over the old tiles instead of recognising that they've, in fact, been completed. Is this possible?
  5. 'Metallic Reflection'

    Aah I see... the math is... err.. heavy - but cool, appreciate the explanation!
  6. True Displacement Disabled vs Bump

    Thanks for that! That's what I figured, and what I'd seen in the network - but I'm not a smart man, so I like to check these things.. Cheers!
  7. 'Metallic Reflection'

    Can someone please explain the new 'Metallic reflection' parameter in the mantra surface shader to me? I've dug around in the network but it still doesn't seem to make sense to me. Is it affecting the original spec to make it more metallic, or is it adding another layer of reflection? it seems to have the same effect as using the specular minimum parameter, thus effectively mixing between the fresnel blending or not... is that right and the spec minimum is just deprecated, or is it something else?
  8. I'm curious about the displacement vs the bump settings in Houdini's principled and mantra surface shaders. Is there any difference between bump and displacement with 'True Displacements' unchecked?
  9. Latlong lens

    Thanks JP!!
  10. Finding point with most surrounding points VOPS

    I had a feeling a former colleague would come to the rescue...
  11. Hi there, I have a point distribution, in VOPS I'm trying to get a single point that has the most amount of surrounding points in that distribution (within a given radius for each point)... I've done it once before but can't recall how... I think I was using a pciterate and a pcfind in a while loop, but it's totally slipped my mind. Help would be appreciated!
  12. Hair/fur optimizations

    Are there magic tricks I should be aware of? A checkbox to make hair renders quicker? Historically there've generally been tricks for rendering hair/fur quickly or more accurately (Renderman's Sigma hiding, MR's hair presets for example), and I was just wondering if there was anything I needed to know in Houdini beyond the usual Mantra tweaking to get good times on hair/fur?
  13. Clear cache for a rop render

    Ha! Hey man, it's Ben - I was looking for an answer to this just today and came across your post! Good times, good times
  14. Latlong lens

    Let me start by saying that I am not a smart man... (and thus shouldn't be using Houdini for a living but hey, here I am). I'm trying to render a latlong image from camera for re-use as an HDR -what beyond setting the projection to panoramic is required? Is there any relationship to focal length or is it ignored with a polar render?
  15. UV texture node

    I'm wondering how the UV Texture node is choosing to assign textures when the Texture Type is set to "Face". I would've presumed that this would mean 'face (primitive)' but appears to be quite a strange distribution? (made a subdivided grid, apply a uv texture and uv quickshade node to see what I mean). I would've assumed that 'face' wouldn't mean anything but the primitive...