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  1. Increasing POPs particles on every frame

    I do understand that we can set emission based on frames, but this isn't what I was looking for, are there any means to get the exact same points that was generated in the points from volume scatter / frame as the points that will be simulated in the Dop network?
  2. Increasing POPs particles on every frame

    Thank you for the reply! So sorry about the file, was in the midst of recreating the network and didn't realized that I did not delete the popnet while optimizing the file to upload here! Unfortunately, after using Birth>Impulse activation: $F==1 meant that the points will only be emitted on the first frame, how would you go about setting up a simulation that has increasing points due to a deformation (In this case, the mountain with a height deformation in this new file)? Sample02.hip
  3. Increasing POPs particles on every frame

    @NoobiniYes at this point from what I'm setting up, they're multiplying exponentially, this is a rough setup, but how do I only generate the new additional points from each individual frame, instead of constantly generating exponentially? Sample.hip
  4. Hi Guys, Not sure if this is a newbie question, but I'd like to create a simulation that consists of a growing points in grains. What I had in mind was to point scatter an animated alembic (From C4D) and mapped it into an AutoDopNetwork. However, the resulting effect only solved on the first frame. Is there any way to let the simulation solve on every frame equals to the amount of scatter points I have? Dave
  5. Building Demolition?

    I'm working on a minor project for my reel and i would like to simulate a building demolition, something like a blast at one side of the building and the subsequent sides will crack according to weight. My idea was to create the cracks via 2 voronoi fracture with point nodes, one will take the blast debris and the other, the crack debris. However, when i tried to merge the 2 nodes together and use a voronoi fracture node on it, i am unable to get the top of the building split with the bottom of the building. I'm new to Houdini so I would like to know if i'm prefracturing the RBD object correctly? I have my working file attached here as well. Building.hipnc