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  1. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Oh, wow. Useful info, didn't know it would fail in that way with the frame being off. Good to know! The bounding box min/max I've always had to set. The UE4 shaders they give you to copy I think are just generics. Once you have one in your project you can just make material instances and set the settings according to that particular export.
  2. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    I often have to flip normals when exporting from Houdini. Could probably fix that prior to export if double sided is undesirable. One thing that helped me find this prior to export is in the display options, under optimize, flag the remove backfaces option. But it also could just be an issue in the export rop. Good find! The fluids issue is strange. I'll run through the fluids tomorrow and see if I can figure out the magic settings. I realized last night after I posted that what I thought of as my "fluid" is actually not a fluid export but a soft body export. The simulation is fluid, but I use that to displace the original mesh since I was just doing some melting stuff. So it is possible I never did figure out the fluid end. I'll dig around though and see if I can find anything useful. Oh, random thought, you could double check the import settings on the texture to see if it is set to Vector Displacement instead of a standard compressed file.
  3. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Sorry for the delayed response, just now happened to see this. I hope you found a solution. So, for my setup, I'm wiring the Dynamic Parameter (which is for particle systems only) into a multiply, with the B input of the multiply being the speed parameter, which is set to 0.33. In your setup, you would wire your parameter into A. Other than that, it is the standard setup. The only real difference between a parameter and a Dynamic Parameter is the Dynamic Parameter is a direct link to a particle system component. The jittering may be coming from running it from 0 to 99. In my case, I have 39 frames and I run it from 0 to 2.8. I don't recall how I came up with that value. I think I probably just fiddled with it until it looked right. The jittering may also be coming from the UVs. In the static mesh settings, Use High Precision UVs need to be ticked. I haven't tried running one of these through blueprints yet, only through the particle system. I'd start by trying to adjust the value range, seems like something around 6 or 7 may be a good place to start as the high end of it instead of 99. @Chris, try the latest version of the exporter from the github link if you haven't given that a shot yet. That fixed some of the odd issues I was having. I haven't tried the RBD export like this yet, only the soft body and fluid. The soft body worked nicely, I used it to export a FEM simulation. The fluid also worked well. Though I do recall having to go through with different settings on the export a few times to get it right. For the soft, I don't pack the normals since I've never got that working properly. I also don't normalize the data. In the output node, I had to dive into it, dive into the soft_obj node, then into the static mesh, then in there I had to wire the timeshift1 directly into the build_the_uvs node, bypassing the switch for the unwrap. The switch is looking for a divide point attrib and that was failing for me. Bypassing that bit fixed the issue though. Hope some of this helps.
  4. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    There are a few ways to handle that. For particle system stuff I usually add a dynamic parameter node in the material and control it in the particle system. To get it to play via blueprints in a controlled fashion, instead of using time in the material, use a scalar value and control that using a timeline in the blueprint. There are probably other ways but I think that should give you decent control.
  5. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Just to toss this out there. Earlier I was doing a export and found that the soft export (Beta from github) was overwriting my UV set. When I dove in, the switch statement had the following warning. Warning Bad node reference: "../divide1" in parameter /out/vertex_animation_textures_beta1/soft_obj/STATIC_MESH/switch1/input. which was causing it to always use the first input, which was a uv unwrap. After bypassing the switch everything exported as expected. Also, it appears to skip exporting the vertex alpha. Cheers