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  1. Mixing animations from Mixamo.com

    Hey, @asnowcappedromance I was wondering how you went about this. I have been looking at the same thing but seem to have hit a snag. I am trying to have a character run, shoot and change their 'aim' as they run. Imagine the character hunting a small creature on the ground. I have the turning with rifle and rifle gunplay (running and shooting) animations. I have constrained a rifle model to the shooting animation to have it move. The pose / animation clip blending is pretty awkward though. I used the time warp to offset one of the animations and then a switch to toggle to the next animation. After the switch I use another timewarp to remap the animation to try and 'blend' the animations better but it's very clunky. I downloaded the fbx files with the skin and imported them seperately and then used an 'extract' node on the mesh to get to the above workflow. Did you download the skins as well with the fbx? Or did you download a model and then the animations seperately? Trying to find a way to blend these animations more seamlessly and also tweak certain parts to have it look / aim at different areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ta
  2. skinning a volume, exporting and reading back in issues

    Solution turned out to be missing normals after the conversion. Added Normals and it was fixed
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has encountered and or has a solution to my problem. I have simulated some smoke, cached it, converted it to vdb, then vdb to polygon, followed by a remesh (fixed length:0.2) and after a rop geo node. When I pull the data back in using a file node to see it I get the following artifacts on a bunch of the later frames. I am using houdini 16. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Average luminosity

    Hello, I have some smoke that starts dark and gets brighter. I am making a texture sheet using the mosaic node. To remove edge fringing I want to apply color to the background. I have gotten a single color appearing thus far but I am unsure how to get the average color or luminosity so I get the right color each time. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
  5. rendering 3D texture

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions and or tips on writing out a 3D texture for a SDF volume from Houdini? I am looking to take the information and raymarch through it in a game engine. Thanks
  6. fixing shredded looking destruction

    Hello, I am breaking some geometry and using a for each loop with a break. I run it and when later put into dops it simulates like shredded paper. How would you close the geo and make it so each break is it's own piece? (it's a cup with with an outside and inside edge) Thanks
  7. using break sop

    So how would I add multiple planes / grids with noise? Is there a procedural way or would you merge lots of planes that have mountain sops?
  8. using break sop

    Hello, How do you add lots of breaks to a wall with the break sop? There doesn't appear to be a number of planes option or the ability to randomly rotate this to do a break. Thanks
  9. exploding bulb

    Hello, Houdini has changed alot since I used 12. I was wondering how other people would approach a light bulb overheating and exploding? The light bulb is stationary and the top clusters are small and the pieces get bigger towards the base. When the bulb explodes the base remains. I have tried scaling a sphere inside and looked at forces a bit but something seems to be missing, more so the force and constraints. Any help would be much appreciated. bulb.FBX.hip
  10. Save .hipnc instead of .hip

    Will this convert .hipnc files to .hip ?
  11. Fire Flipbook Loop

    I haven't thought about target states before. Will have to do some testing and digging. My other option was to render around 100 frames find two 'bookends' that look similar and then use a timewarp in the comp context. Hoping there would be little twitching.
  12. Fire Flipbook Loop

    Hey, I was wondering if there is a better way to approach creating a looping flipbook fire? Peter Quint has a great tutorial on using time shift to create a loop but it looks like it's cross fading. Could something be done at the comp level, ie: rendering out 'x' number of frames, finding similar frames? Or is there something you can do with the volume data to make it look the same at a user defined frame. Thanks
  13. automate simulation and render

    Ahh awesome, do you have any resources that you might be able to point me at for making some scripts? The daisy chain stuff is working nicely, keen to push the automation a little further if possible
  14. Hello, My computer is powerful but nothing ridiculous and I lack a farm to send jobs to. I was wondering if there was a way to automate setting off a hi simulation and then do a render straight after? I would like to work on a low quality iteration during the day, nail the behaviour, look and then set things off over night to simulate and render. Any pointers would be really appreciated Thanks
  15. exporting dds from rop

    Hey, Was wondering if anyone knew how to push a .dds image format out of houdini? Thanks