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  1. pyro sim to VDB help

    pyro output is not VDB by default. First it needs a conversion to VDB volumes using one convertvdb SOP, then you can use another convertvdb again to make it polygons. explosion_cartoon_004_fixed.hipnc
  2. Camera motion retime

    Try the stretch CHOP. chopStretch.hip
  3. Metaballs meshing

    Have you tried the "convertmeta" SOP?
  4. Flip fluids are particles. Use popadvectbyvolumes. Also, make sure your velocity actually intersects with the fluid particles. popAdvect.hip
  5. No. From the docs, it looks like "stamp" only returns a floating point value. "This function retrieves floating-point number values"
  6. If you are only dealing with one point, you could use the points() expression. points('path/to/SOP', 0, 'mesh_path') filePtAttrib.hip
  7. If the sources are merged together prior to the solver they should influence each other and you'll only have one object. If you want to drive one solve based on the output of another solve then you'll need to manually fetch and apply the dopdata you want to use as the influencer using the fetchdata DOP. See example for both usage cases where temperature of one volume ignites the fuel from another volume. In the case where it's just one solver, the velocities effect each other. In the case where there are two solvers, since the velocity from one sim is not specifically attached to the other, the velocities are completely independent. pyroIgnitesPyro.hip
  8. put_the_animation_back_to_crack_model_problem

    Your original alembic animation from Maya is missing animation information in the alembic intrinsic attributes. You need to export it from Maya and import it into Houdini in a way that preserves the intrinsic transform attributes of the original alembic.
  9. Something like this? See attached... vdbfrompolygons->convertVDB meshVDB.hip
  10. It works as expected when I tried it out. See example. the attribute "myRandomAttribute" goes along for the SOP to POP ride OK. popAttr.hip
  11. Populating RBD sim

    Without a .hip file to look at, this is a very ambiguous question.
  12. The VDBfromPolygon SOP does not use per-point attributes or variables. You need another way to get the value from the point or prim. in the voxelsize parameter of the vdbfrompolygons1 SOP, put this expression: point("../each1",0,'vsize',0) That will get the vsize atttribute of point #0 of each incoming piece. You also want to make you vsize smaller. Your volumes are too course.
  13. Smoke renders, flame doesnt. Why?

    Without digging too deep, and witout actually looking at the file... the default pyro2 shader seems to require a density (smoke) volume to render anything. I am currently unsure why it's set up this way, but this seems to be the case. One workaround is to remap the smoke density target range. In the simulation, turn "emit smoke" back on. In the pyro2 shader, under the "smoke" - > "Density" tabs, under "field shape" enable the "fit to range" toggle. Set the "target range" to go from 0 -> 0 rather than 0 -> 1. Your fire should now render without smoke. Hope that helps. -=X
  14. This is difficult to diagnose without a sample file showing the issue.
  15. Popcontrol on FLIP simulation issue

    You don't really need the POP solver any more in H14. You can apply POP forces directly to the simulation with POP DOPs. Just attach the POP DOP nodes to the "particle velocity" input of the FLIP solver. For example, to add a POP Force to a FLIP sim, place a popforce DOP into the network and just wire it into input2 (particle velocity) of the POP solver.