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  1. Liquid mix export to Maya-Arnold

    Thank you very much for your swift answer..... i will try some things taking into account your recommendations.
  2. Greetings. I am the filthiest of noobs and i found a problem i havent been able to solve. I made a very beautiful flip fluid simulation in which two liquid sources mix together. (lots of tuts out there so it wasnt hard for me to do it)...... Both sources have different color attributes and density attributes and they mix flawlessly..... I was successfuly able to do the simulation YAAY!. The problem comes when our pipeline DEMANDS to render in Maya Arnold........ I export the VDB poligon soup via a Rop alembic output node...... and create an alembic file (it exports, it imports into Maya, no problem) BUT..... when i have it in Maya, I havent found a way to mask the fluids, so an AI mix shader lets me use two AI shaders as the two liquids and lets me mix them as they were in Houdini....... I understand there are "Weight attributes" that come with the alembic and they should be the ones helping me mask the fluids, but i really dont know how to do it...... Im a noob both in Houdini and in Maya. If anyone could help me showing me the workaround , i would deeply appreciate it.
  3. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    HY!. Im a guy who has been working in the VFX area for many, many years..... only..... i use the other commercial programs, like Max, Fume FX, Real Flow, , Phoenix, Rayfire, Pulldownit, some Thinking particles stuff, Krakatoa....... mostly GUI based programs. My actual boss is currently making me by force change my workflow to the procedurally driven Houdini workflow, but im a 42 years old guy, so im into it, but very slowly as i am not familiar with code. Right now we´re in the need of THAT particular custom asset.... as my boss doesnt like the average way Houdini handles particle tension and adhesion..... he wants a sheeter like.... no, not even sheeter like.... a REPLETUM like effect but in Houdini. What you are showing in your videos is just AMAZING and would save our asses. I hope you finish its implementation soon so we can buy it via the ORBOLT website....... Right now it is not there yet. One more thing.....Will it be compatible with V 13.0.416?....