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  1. Hair inside mesh

    @kiryha It works with lowering the max guide count locally. Hooray! If the guide-partition was not busted (at least for .391), that would've been the 1st thing I'd try. Anyway, thanks for throwing out the interpolation idea - it pushed me into the right direction.
  2. Hair inside mesh

    @kiryha OK, I'll try lowering the max guide count for that region to see what will happen.
  3. Hair inside mesh

    @kiryha No, those are render/gen-hairs. The 1st image below is how it looks from outside. The 2nd is with the guides themselves. This happens only in this region of the entire groom.
  4. Hair inside mesh

    @kiryha Yeah, I noticed Frizz will accentuate the problem (it would be cool if the hair process nodes were more accurate), but the issue here is that I have hairs inside the mesh (attached), even without a guideprocess active. Tried decreasing the voxel size too, but no luck with that either. BTW, the mesh is completely closed, no holes.
  5. Mudbox now Dead

    And soon Houdini. JK, of course. I know it shouldn't be said not even in jest, but still... a mere joke Maybe they're closing the "private" beta to open a public one. Otherwise, it's what Adsk has been doing for many yrs now. I'd be surprised, or even disillusioned, to see them actually innovating on their M&E portfolio.
  6. Hair inside mesh

    Howdy, Dealing with a problem I tried to solve for a whole day, procedurally. No luck so far. There are lots of hairgen strands that go inside the mesh and get some empty patches. The guides are OK, although pretty close to the skin mesh, as that's how I need them to be. Any idea what's causing this and more importantly how to fix it? I know it's a long shot without files, but unfortunately, I can't share the scene, one of the reasons being it's complex/many external files/ large disk footprint.
  7. Bind for driving color

    Howdy, I'm creating a point attr with which I'm overriding color in a paint SOP. How do I use the Bind VOP to drive a hair root/tip color? It's working for driving a mix on surface color, but not on hair. For hair works fine with a map for sure, but I'd rather not have to create UVs and paint a texture mask for simple stuff. Is the mix node mapped on each hair's V coord and texture maps is the only way to go? Help?! hair_mix.hipnc
  8. smooth in viewport

    @malexander Hi Mark, Is there a way to display an obj as sub-d but hide the hull?
  9. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Better to switch these two, since RMB is used more often and the lower button is more accessible.
  10. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Using a tablet for a non-painting/sculpting 3d program is a PITA. As a pen makes life much easier for painting/sculpting, so does a mouse for other tasks. There's a trade-off and fully embracing one, will leave you disadvantaged in certain areas. BTW, I'm using a Wacom tablet for sculpting daily and I also have a mouse next to it, which is irreplaceable for Houdini or other 3d programs IMO. What you need to look for is the ergonomics of your desk and chair. I've designed myself my current desk and had it produced it by a furniture shop, so that it meets exactly my needs, as opposed to buying something pre-made. The most important thing to keep in mind is the angle between your forearm and hand, that is, to keep them at a level that allows for a natural continuity between the forearm and the hand. Mouse or pen, won't make much of a difference if you don't have an optimal height of the platform you're resting your hands on, defined by the desk itself and the chair you're sitting on.
  11. Paint node - invert

    Yeah, no, I've screwed up - see above. Again, thanks for the input - it stopped me from going down who knows what rabbit hole...
  12. Paint node - invert

    Pff... I'm glad my brain-fart didn't last longer - I was on the verge of painting textures. I placed the wrangle before the paint node not realizing no modified att values have been stored prior to paint. Geo spreadsheet saved the day.
  13. Paint node - invert

    Knowing the invertion (1-something) is not the issue in my case, but knowing how to approach the problem I'm having from an workflow pov. I've writen in an attribwragnle node f@new_attrib_name = 1 - f@attrib_name but nothing that I'm expecting is going on in my viewport. I'll dig more into this, since it's the easiest thing I can do currently, explaining my particular case being a bit more cumbersome and sharing the whole scene is out of the question. Your reply is appreciated - it confirms I'm doing at least something well.
  14. I'm using the usual setup of attr-create with a paint node to drive something. I'd like to use the same paint values for something else, but inverted. I tried a few things, but something eludes me. What's the most straightforward way of achieving this? Thanks.
  15. help with Custom shelf tool

    @3dome That's exactly waht I was looking for. Thanks buddy!