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  1. help with Custom shelf tool

    @3dome That's exactly waht I was looking for. Thanks buddy!
  2. help with Custom shelf tool

    @kiryha It's not exactly what I need, but you've given me a good starting point. I guess it's time to dip my tows in Python and modify it to fit my needs. Don't know where I'll get this time from, but I'll try to squeeze it in somewhere. Thanks. Edit: no block comments in Python? Ay ayay, LOL
  3. help with Custom shelf tool

    The opportunity to start doing coding (or anything else for that matter) is indeed by trying to complete a very small project. However there's one constant - time. Apart from the fact that I need this custom tool right now, there's the matter, in my case at least of resource management. See, I'm on a quest since a few yrs to become a very good creature/character artist (via sculpting as well as Sub-D), but I have roots in generalist 3d which I cannot cut loose apparently. The thing with knowledge in general is that if you don't use it, you lose it. At one point in my life, I was half-decent in c++, but almost everything about its syntax, quirks, tips, etc. went away because I stopped using it. Right now, I figured that learning Python would be a too big investment with possibly a too small ROI. Besides, right now I'm slowly but surely dipping myself in VEX. And I don't know lots of sculptors that can't sleep at night because they don't know VEX so adding python too right about now is a bit much for me I'm laying down all this info, just in case someone's willing to help but is being put off by my apparent unwillingness to learn, which is and should be off-putting if no justified reasons are given. Cheers!
  4. help with Custom shelf tool

    Will definitely check it out, hopefully soon enough. Thanks! edit: but right now I still need help :)
  5. Hi guys, I need a bit of help from someone python knowledgeable and willing, with a custom shelf tool that when clicked or called via a hotkey does the following: creates two fuse SOP nodes from the current selection, the 1st one set on "snap" and the other on "consolidate". Other settings also modified, but unimportant right now. I'd do it myself, but this is way too simple for my guru level of python and I don't have the time Cheers!
  6. Learning Curve of Popular 3D Software

    It gets harder as you advance into wilder territory, even though you're better in the terrain you've covered up to a certain point. Of course this can't continue forever, somewhere there's a Difficulty downward slope, but it's way past 10k pixels of that hypothetical continuation of the image.
  7. Houdini 17 Sneak Peak

    Can you be more specific? Also, what gets in the way of on the fly modeling, the Houdini' s procedural nature? Because if that's what you're implying I see no reason for why that is the case. There's absolutely nothing inherent to the procedural nature of Houdini that makes it poor for direct modeling. What makes Houdini poor for direct modeling is its poorly designed viewport interactivity and tools. At least, this was the case thus far. H17 might eliminate a big chunk of the problems and a future version might do away with them for good. Think of proceduralism (accumulation of nodes) as a mere history. A glorified undo stack. It's not that, of course, but if you can, as a modeler, afford to think of it as such, you're on the right track of thwarting the tendency to think proceduralism is your enemy for direct modeling. Make Houdini work great in the viewport w/o the need to go often into the netview and you'll have a great modeling experience as well as the power (should you choose to use it) that comes from a fully procedural program.
  8. Snap a move" like in Maya

    Analyzing my response, seems like I've been caught up in my frustration with Houdini's viewport low-level matters ("frustration" being an overstatement, since I've given up the hope of doing direct modeling in H for now) and didn't address your issue: I'm not sure what problem you're experiencing. Regardless of what hotkey I use, (;) or (ctrl+;), I get the same result. Is this your main issue?
  9. Snap a move" like in Maya

    OK, you can do "snap object to point" in Houdini, but that's enabled by what I previously thought and still hope is a bug, regarding aligning one's gizmo on a component (usually edge). I've described this weird behavior in another thread on SideFx forums and I'm still confused by what is this feature supposed to achieve: is it a snapping feature? If that is so, where are its options in the snapping prefs? I initially thought that it is a feature similar to XSI's one that allows you to align the gizmo after a picked component, for various transformation tricks. It being under "RMB > Align handle >" doesn't seem to support the "object snapping feature" hypothesis. So what is it? Talking about those preferences and their addressed concepts that are all over the place in Houdini. If it's not a snapping option, then it's a bugged/poorly conceived handle orientation feature that requires the user to perform two hotkeys in a row - detach handle (') and then start orientation picking (;) (do I really have to explain why that is an extremely poor design choice?) - that still hasn't been addressed in H 16.5.
  10. Snap a move" like in Maya

    Your link is either broken or it's not working for me because I'm not a FB user. If you can show the video through other means, I'll be able to give you my opinion on what's shown there.
  11. Snap a move" like in Maya

    As far as I'm aware it's not possible in H. It's an old subject brought up by quite a few AFAIK. Multiple RFEs have also been filed most likely (I know I did) and should you add yours to the pile, it's only going to bump it up on SESI's list.
  12. Were they pleasantly surprised a 2nd time after they've been previously wowed in private when preparing the material, or how's that working? Coincidentally, the audience never failed to start clapping.
  13. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    "when it has to" is more appropriate I think. But kidding aside, I think a H17 wish-list has run its course. We're staring at an imminent new version release and any new ideas are probably more appropriate to a Houdini 18 wish-list. Of course, we have to wait H17 release first or we'll blow our cover as normal people.
  14. Transfer Houdini Indie License

    Best to contact SideFX with this enquiry.