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  1. Were they pleasantly surprised a 2nd time after they've been previously wowed in private when preparing the material, or how's that working? Coincidentally, the audience never failed to start clapping.
  2. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    "when it has to" is more appropriate I think. But kidding aside, I think a H17 wish-list has run its course. We're staring at an imminent new version release and any new ideas are probably more appropriate to a Houdini 18 wish-list. Of course, we have to wait H17 release first or we'll blow our cover as normal people.
  3. Transfer Houdini Indie License

    Best to contact SideFX with this enquiry.
  4. imported UVs

    Thanks, I'll keep this in mind when I'll deal with it again, which is soon I'm pretty sure.
  5. imported UVs

    Thanks Mathaeus , for taking a look here. Yea, on vertices I keep my UVs.
  6. imported UVs

    Howdy, I've imported two separate .obj files (not created by me) and one had the UVs as a point attribute and the other as vertex. Now, I can promote one or the other to tidy things up, but I'm more interested in what exactly makes a difference at export time if anyone knows. edit: hopefully, a piece of useful info: the geometry where created and exported from Zbrush and Maya respectively, I think.
  7. Wow, grats to SideFX! And introduced by the Captain himself? [mind = blown] emoticon
  8. Please allow me...

    From my personal experience, but mainly from observation on huge forums where efficient moderation is a stillborn ambition, threads like you've described tend to cool off by themselves. Sometimes one or both simply lose interest, but other times, when they're both interested in finding out what the other's really saying, things make an U turn for the better. Of course, maybe this hasn't also been your experience. Either way, I've said my piece and now I take a bow and leave the scene. Cheers!
  9. Please allow me...

    What issue are you referring to with " indirect illumination and second bounces"? Yes, speed wise, Mantra needs an improvement, but overall I think it's great.
  10. Please allow me...

    Yeah, we're in a constant state of defensiveness for some reason. I guess "text" is an emotional wildcard trigger
  11. Please allow me...

    Yes, but we're not in the category of "professionals that come here". We're... "something" that come here, because here, only professionals come and since we're not "professionals" I guess we don't come here. Or... I don't know, a false assertion somewhere got smuggled in or I have half a brain. Your senses activated rightfully- it was your thread with Marty that I was having in mind. I think you've misunderstood Marty's intention, which in saying "he doesn't care" was to express detachment/objectivity regarding the issue, and you've taken offense as if it was an ad-hominem at play. Or maybe it was, I can't know for sure, only Marty can elucidate us, I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth. If ad-hominem is the case, it is a justifiable cause for locking a thread as we don't want to just attack one another w/o also making a point, but that happening didn't allow for a resolve. That's the main issue. Often, a quarrel should be let to fully realize because the ending can go either way, but if we cut it short we're 100% sure to be alienating one another.
  12. Please allow me...

    Getting stuff done means rolling up one's sleeves and doing the stuff to be done. Here, people talk about stuff, to be done or for other purposes. A forum is for talking first and for learning methods of stuff to be done, possibly. Arguing, if it's pointlessly or otherwise is a matter of perspective. Speaking of moderation, pointing me to other websites is rather rude or exclusive, don't you think? Not that I'd want you to be "moderated", but it's rather precious considering you're advocating for tight moderation, no? I have to ask - do you know what historical significance "forum" has and what currently stands for? Also, ironically, your reply has nothing to do with "stuff getting done". It's also a multi-dimensional ironical mind fuck, because now it has also become a thread that's been usually a "good candidate" for locking, but I've argued that it shouldn't be and I'm hoping that it won't. If anything, it's a good platform for people to display their closely held beliefs. I'm arguing, that you're arguing pointlessly that people shouldn't argue pointlessly. Don't you feel sorry that you've replied to this thread now?
  13. Please allow me...

    ... to tell you how to run your site. Seriously, I'm gonna tell you how you should run this forum now. Of course you can delete, modify, lock this thread or even ban my account, but no one can steal the first shot from me, hehehe What's the worst that can happen from allowing a "disagreement thread" unfold? At best some arguments will be brought forth from which someone will learn something and at worst, nonconstructive back'n'forth replies, anyone can ignore. Is there a third possibility I'm not considering? If you have reached this paragraph, it's probably because you've sensed my tongue-in-cheek tone and it's obvious that I'm actually pleading here instead of demanding, to please reconsider closing threads that haven't devolved into profanity, racism/sexism or plain nonsense. I think there's a solid case to be constructed in favor for more talk rather than less. Sincerely, me.
  14. OBJ transform to SOP lvl

    @ThomasPara You sure? Well, then maybe next time I'll try this. For now the matter's dealt with.