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  1. Oh, and thanks to @rayman here is a different approach with vop material which is way better. shopShadowSingle.hip
  2. Not sure if this could work, but this is what I've got so far. rayShadow2.hip
  3. I'm sure it's all wrong, but for a quickie should work someone better at math should help middle_point.hip
  4. Volumesample displace in shader

    My understanding is that with the shader you modify existing data, so what I tried is to put transform inside vs_shader and modify scale x2.
  5. HDRI overexposure

    If you are using Environment Light, there is exposure control.
  6. Right angle box sweep

  7. Works just fine for me. H15.5.717 I remember there was other thread with the same complaint, but don't remember what was the solution if there was any.
  8. Right angle box sweep

    like this? box_curve_fix.hip
  9. @davpe that is why i put hidden in quotes, they are there just not visible in the spreadsheet. @nage is normalized age of the particles, it is not visible as well but you can use it.
  10. Might be wrong, but if the attribute exists then it's just a statement what type of attribute you are trying to access, otherwise it has to guess what type of attribute is and it seems that it's not very good at it It's not a bad practice to state the type of the attribute every time you want to work with it.
  11. i[]@arr[0] = 21; this seems to work
  12. Fluid Sim, Higher Resolution?

    Are you creating cache of the flip points before trying to surface them or you go directly with caching the surface as simulation goes in background? also I think that the memory modules you are looking for are just a standart DDR3 modules.
  13. Well there are "hidden" attributes, like @N or @nage and maybe more. I still don't get it why
  14. selecting a random bunch of particles per frame

    or if you still want to use wrangle, try with something like float seed = @id + @Frame; if (rand(seed) < 0.025) @dead = 1;
  15. Copy in normal direction don't work

    try to delete "orient" and "v" point attributes after the DOP.