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  1. Direct Modeling HDA

    worked !!! thank you so much for the quick answer ! !!
  2. Direct Modeling HDA

    Hey Alexey ! Is there anyway to get the older version for 16.0 still ? Cant find it in the zip file ! Thank you!!
  3. Hey ! I have a "big" problem . I need to render in huge resolution out of octane for houdini but the vram is not big enough to handle the image in one go. So I somehow have to tile the camera and stitch it together later. There is something for problems like this in cinema 4d called tiled camera . Where it builds multiple cameras with an "film" offset to render the image in parts . Is there anything like this in houdini ? thank you so much !!
  4. I also found out if you use a dopimport it won't take the donuts as one object if you tick of the single object box. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2664&Itemid=132 If you download the Project Files there is a StackOnRotatingFloor.hip in the zip! Which looks like the stuff you want
  5. Okay tried that haha not really working but maybe the grain solver is an option ! It does pretty good volume preservation and is fairly easy to setup ! Also with multiple objects !
  6. I don´t know if there is anything like a fracture object for FEM but you can add them via a sop solver over time maybe ? I did not try that yet its just a idea!
  7. Maybe the popwrangle or popvop nodes could also set the @w attribute. In these nodes you can also bind SOP data to the inputs and access it maybe that could help?
  8. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=35623&view=previous&sid=54a5bc94ecf268f0bc6953692d270be2 This makes sense kind of haha
  9. BSDF Bonanza: GGX, Microfacets, Disney BRDF and More

    Hey I really love these shaders thank you so much for letting us use them ! Since Houdini 14 I ran into the same "makebasis" Problem Ajz mentioned. It looks like its working despite the error at first but it is ignoring diffuse bounces in PBR Mode . Sorry I m a total noob with that shading ops stuff , I dont know how to access the ops to edit them through the otl . It would be much appreciated if you could give me a few pointers in how to edit these files to change the makebasis variables name. thank you so much for your time!