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  1. thank a lot your help!
  2. hi all. i want looping something in attrib vop SOP. for example VEX code for(inc = 0; inc < i@attribute; inc++) how to increase inc's value in vop sop(attrib vop)??? thank you.
  3. https://vimeo.com/160081047 hi guys. i want introduce a little my R&D. when I starting this R&D, is very useful Huge Destruction&Collapse shot. but now, i Think so so.. i wonder Many people's opinion. please judgment it. something question, please leave comment or contact me. thanks.
  4. hi guys? i have many question about pyro. can i visible field(source attrib) value like point attribute in SOP???? for example, source take 'fuel' attrib, value(scale) 1.0 in SOP. pyro import this source. and burn rate given 0.9 value. (in houdini help said, it mean use(decrease) the fuel 90% for 1 second(24F)) < - correct understand?? maybe, fuel inheritied 1.0 value and after 1 second fuel left 0.1. rihgt? where to go i can visble this fuel value's. it so difficult. thanks.!!!
  5. hi guys.? i trying to make like this sim's ground crack. just crack. not house collapsing. https://vimeo.com/121835876 i want to crack's and additional fractures. many people's posting ground crack issue. that thing's very useful for me. i make so simply cracks. and i using update this crack eath timestep by RBDpackedobject DOP's 'deforming' attribute. but. something's wrong. sim's so bad.... this way's wrong way????? i shared my hip. if you fine, please help me. thanks. have a good day! packed_deforming_update.hipnc
  6. hi everyone. i make the angluar velocity in SOP. and inheritied Point velocity in DOP. (i was modify RBD Packed Ojbect DOP like H14. this allow Overwirte attribute.) but, doesn't rotate in simulation. what made the wrong w attribute or i missed something??? i shared my hip. thanks for your read. have good day! w_attribute.hipnc
  7. good to see you alex! i'm late, and thanks for your hip. i solved this issue, just modify H13 rbdpacedobject's nodetree and parameter, like H14's rbdpackedobject. have a nice day!
  8. hi Alex! thanks to your help. maybe this way is H14??? this hip by H13... anyway thanks. have nice day!
  9. Hi, all? i'm looking for how to way updating attribute, each frame in dop. i already saw Ryan's shared file. it so usefully for me. but, it seems possible to apply to only one pacekd object in dopnet. (inside dop, if many RBD object(like rbd pakced object, rbd fracture object, rbd object etc....) sop solver doesn't read all object.) how to many object the attribute update in dop??? I shared my hips. thanks. update_attribute.hipnc
  10. thanks to your hip cody !!!! but, my question is steel alive.... when dopnet node's visualize, why don't appearance fluide container????? i missed any options?? anyway I love you cody !!! have a nice day!
  11. hi guys. i have a question, like subject. i must make smoke in destruction sim. i stuck smoke sim. when i played inside dopnet view, smoke was visible. but, up level(SOP level) view, smoke was invisible..... if this problem is viewport error????? why do this??????? if you don't understand my question, please look at this hip. (and just play one time...) thanks! cheer up everybody, and me...... dont_smoke.hip
  12. thanks for your hip! vel field's so usefull to particle and fluid dynamics! thanks your help! have a nice day bbbb
  13. thank's Rio! you said one volume field, given both right? ok, i'll trying this. if new pop, allow this way?
  14. hi guys....??? i want make my portfolio like one scene of the moive "into the storm". but how to make interactive each other, i can't thing anymore. i think i can make destruction and tornados. how to make building callaps according to tornado..???
  15. Hi guys. i have animation data, it work to maya. so, i used alembic format, move to houdini. this animation object will be make collision to destruction sim. i used static object node, import animation data. but, so heavy and wrong detecting object. once, let me show my sim.