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  1. Rotation matrix pivot point

    its a bit more readable like this. @P -= pivot; @P *= matrix; @P += pivot;
  2. Dynamically rotate geometry via VEX

    matrix3 m = ident(); vector axis = set(0,1,0); float angle = radians(chf("angle")*360); rotate(m,angle,axis); @P *= m; @N *= m; When you rotate the @P you also need to rotate the @N, or else it will look like the light is baked.
  3. Issue with trail sop velocities

    I guess you can ask the course teacher for help on this one, and i guess your not allowed to publicly share that file. The alembic is missing anyway so there isnt mutch we can do.
  4. You mean if you only had a filecache with @P and points? The problem is the changing pointcount, you have no points to transfer to in the beginning and they are not located at the same position. Seems like any solution would be hacky at best.
  5. You need to ray each point through your original mesh, and see if that occludes. Because you can have normals pointing towards you that are occluded. pigray.hip
  6. box stacking no interpenetration

    np, happy you liked it
  7. how to create this effect please help

    Particles with offseted dragshape and dragcenter is perhaps the easiest solution, and werry fast. confetti_01.hiplc
  8. Heres a way to do it. pscaleID_v001_fix.hiplc
  9. Getting Objects to spawn on the Normal location

    Impossible to know what happens inside your delete-node and vop-node. And since its all merged, the screen doesnt realy help either.
  10. Exporting Transforms to Alembic

    You can build a hierarchy with a string attribute, and then set the alembic_rop to build one for you. In theory if you make the same structure you can layer this in. There is a primitive type called "AlembicRef", but i havent quite figured out how that works. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/addprim.html
  11. box stacking no interpenetration

    Heres a quick and dirty setup of the concept Toad was talking about. scatterbox_01.hiplc
  12. Count of edges connected to point

    int lines = neighbourcount(0,@ptnum);
  13. Cube grids with no interior faces

    Heres a simple try, i dont know what speeds you want. Its a copy inside this one aswell box_volume_01.hip
  14. Choose Randomly with even distribution

    i guess int is rounding to nearest integer, while floor will allways go down. //floor i@rnd_value = int(floor(rand((@ptnum+1)*(chi("seed")+1))*chi("range")))+1; //rint i@rnd_value = int(rint(rand((@ptnum+1)*(chi("seed")+1))*chi("range")))+1;
  15. forloop in detail

    point() is what gives you the current value, and setpointattrib() is what you can use to set a new value.