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  1. Export issue

    I think there is an import Scale option in Marvelous Designer. That might be the easiest to adjust.
  2. You can decrease the voxel-size in the VDBfromPolygons. You can then use a VDBsmooth if you want to smooth out the shape. There wil allways be some jittering.
  3. My excuses, my solution was not practical at all. A solver is probably the best solution. I've added a simple example that makes the attribute life. life+solver.hiplc
  4. I'm not very experienced in Houdini myself, but I can tell you how I would approach something like this. As a relative beginner, I have no idea how to make interactive viewport tools (like the polybrigde tool). But I do understand what it produces, namely one polybridge node with the source group and destination group already filled in. So I would have a look at how to group the source and destination polygroups. Possible options are a group node, a partition node, a delete node and/or a wrangle node. That all depends on what the input geometry might look like. Possibly loop through the geometry to make multiple source and destination groups. When I have figured out how to make those groups and applied them to the polybridge node, I'd make a digital asset of it. A digital asset is still a few clicks, but it might not need to have any polygons selected (saves a couple of clicks) and might do several bridge operations at once (saves a lot of clicks) Hope this helps
  5. The expression you use in the delete-node basically calculates the birth-frame. You might be able to calculate the age by subtracting that from the current time.
  6. Transfer deformation between objects

    Hello, You can use displace_along_normal in the pointvop to get the ripple back on the bended plane. This works because the ripple only displaces the plain in the y-axis, and that is the same direction as the normal. In my example I calculated the difference between the undeformed and deformed Y-position of the points. I linked that to the displace_amount in the bended plane. I don't know how to make it work more generally. transferDisplacement_02.hiplc
  7. Hello, I'm having trouble with using an embedded file in a houdini digital asset. I've attatched a simple example. In the asset I've embedded "test.bgeo" in the extra files tab. Im having trouble using that file in the asset. I added a file node with the reference "opdef:.?test.bgeo". That doesn't seem to work. Can someone give me some directions? martijn_test2.hdalc
  8. how to embed files in HDA

    Thanks for that, that works. Houdini is making me feel very stupid today... I'm trying to do the same with an alembic file. I assumed that it would work the same, but unfortunately I can't get that to work. I've attached an example. I'm trying to embed an alembic file inside a digital asset. martijn_abctest2.hdalc
  9. I generally have good experience with exporting .abc from C4d to houdini. I'm working with C4d R16 and Houdini 14. So i'm not competely sure if my findings are relevant to yours. In C4d, I usually set the exporter to "alembic HDF5(legacy)" Mind that C4D project usually start at frame 0 and Houdini projects at frame 1 . I make sure that the frame rates are the same in both projects. Camera's seem to be missing/misimporing a couple of settings: The aspect-ratio and aperture are set to 0; I usually set them manually to the corresponding values from C4D.
  10. In this specific case you can sort along the vector (0.1,1,0.01). For something more general you could use a wrangle node with the following, and then sort by the attibute 'sort' . float mult = 100.0; f@sort = @P.z + @P.x*mult + @P.y*mult*mult; This works for geometry with a size smaller than the 'mult' value. I don't know how to make this work for any size.
  11. Hello Houdini crashed and said it saved a crash file in /TMP/. After restarting the computer I noticed this directory is empty. Is that how the /TMP/ folder is supposed to work?
  12. Hello I'm making a school of fish. I'd like to know if there is a way to limit the maximum direction change per frame. I'd like this because now the fish sometimes seem to turn instantly. I'd like them to have a minimum turning circle. There is a popsteerconstraint node, but that only works with crowds.
  13. In a vex attributewrangle node I'm trying to access all elements of the @pprevious attribute. The @pprevious seams to work differently than @P and @Cd. I cannot figure out what the syntax should be. Could someone help me with that? @Cd = @pprevious; This doesn't give an error but it copies the 1st element of the @pprevious to all elements of @Cd. These all give errors: @Cd.x = @pprevious.x; @Cd.x = @pprevious[0]; @Cd.x = @pprevious.0; @Cd.x = @pprevious(0); Im using Houdini 14.0.474.
  14. Thank you. I suspected it was something simple.
  15. The following expression will get you a random number every 10 frames which is larger than the previous number. Is that what you are asking for? rand(floor($FF/10.0))+floor($FF/10.0)
  16. Hello, I'm still new to houdini so please bear with me. I have a question about the function noise(). In the help it states that the function can return a float or a vector. In the following example the noise function seems to return a vector with 3 the same values. I would like to get 3 different values. I could make 3 seperate values with a different seed and combine them, but I'm pretty sure that's not the best way. What can I do? vector distort = {0,0,0}; float seed = 0.0; seed = @ptnum*12.23 + @Frame * ch("speed"); distort = (noise(seed) - 0.5) * ch("scale"); @P += distort; // these are for troubleshooting: f@seed1 = seed; v@distort1 = distort;
  17. Wrangle vex question about noise()

    That makes sense. Thanks for the explaination
  18. netbox naming issue

    I had something similar happening to me, although now I can't reproduce it. Try using names without spaces. I remember that worked for me.