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  1. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    Oliver & Wolf has made a motion blur plugin https://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?155473-OD-2018-Tool-Set-Released&p=1557095&viewfull=1#post1557095
  2. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    tagging along, it seems i found a missing function ? from what i can see, the plugin looks to export points only, no mesh. [video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fMfbSfhJfY (note: the 32 bit plugin had the same issue, however i thought i was doing something wrong, so unfortunately didn't notice it at the time)
  3. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    Seems to be fixed! http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?154749-Houdini-geo-plugin-can-u-test&p=1519104#post1519104 do note, it reads .hclassic though, and not .geo files, so exporting from Apprentice will not work. still, great stuff !
  4. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    strange, i downloaded a trial of 2015.3, however i get an error when trying to add the plugin... couldn't get it to install in 11.6 either unfortunately error msg > cannot load external plug-in file 0 plug-ins found in 1 files not quite sure what the error could be...
  5. hi,   just wondering, is it possible to export the Lava texture to another app, like LightWave ? Dave Stewart scene file > http://tinyurl.com/Dave-Stewart-Lava
  6. Export Lava Texture

    just a link to a LightWave Octane thread asking for this feature, if possible http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?150709-Houdini-Indie-15-5-supporting-3rd-party-renders&p=1474545#post1474545
  7. Export Lava Texture

    yes, it's a bit difficult getting my head around this. the shading is based on the velocity, but it's a bit difficult exporting that to LightWave. i'm thinking maybe i could use eetu's LW motion blur plugin somehow... the other option is to render a curved greyscale of the lava in Houdini, through camera view. then map on, and use the exact same camera view in LightWave. it'd be easier to do it in Houdini of course, though that means learning shading / rendering in Mantra... character animations would be imported from LightWave via MDD. this one is tricky...
  8. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    Awesome! i can now try to dig more into this, the project you have here is super-cool... by the way, sounds like LightWave 2016 will be able to (finally) load heavy scenes, handy when loading huge files.
  9. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    very-very cool ! did the 32bit version also have this issue, only did some small tests, but seemed fine. but could be it also had it. other coders might, maybe, be able to solve the geometry limit problem, if you found the source files that would be awesome (!)
  10. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    i'm willing to pay for the 64bit plugin if possible, or an available source code
  11. hi :] when i fire up houdini indie, the top left corner says "houdini indie limited" should it say "limited" ? i would guess it's how it should be, but you never know... best, erikals
  12. houdini indie > limited ?

    ah.. thank you, so it's indeed the correct config, just thought it sounded a bit strange, guess they named it this way to give us a "reminder" that it is limited. cool :] thanks again, best erikals
  13. houdini indie > limited ?

    hi, sure, here is the splash screen and part of the app screen >
  14. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    that would be fantastic! i did manage to get it to run smooth in LightWave 11.6 / 32bit http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?143243-The-amazing-Houdini-reel-of-Spencer-Lueders-%28-fluids-fire-and-smoke%29&p=1397776&viewfull=1#post1397776
  15. Houdini to Lightwave pipeline?

    hi eetu, is there any chance to get the .geo importer as a LightWave 64bit version, i believe it is 32bit now... ?
  16. .geo Import For Lw

    hey, cool... so it will create motion blur in LW alla the realflow method... right... ? it might, it's probably better to try to export true geometry first as a test
  17. .geo Import For Lw

    hi Netvudu, LightWaver here :] have you tried this one lately, do you know if it creates motion blur for fluids alright ?