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  1. Camera going out of water

    Hi, I have never tried such effect but I think you can create an animated grid as your water surface and a volume underneath it to create the difference between light behaviors of each environment. This is pretty much the workflow of FLIP wave tank without actually having to sim anything at all. You might want to create different lights for each environment. If you have objects/bottom in the water you might want to use a light with a caustic map. You can also create a basic particle sim to copy deformed low poly geo to each point to simulate water debris/algae/particles/churn/etc For the "line" where water meets the lens I guess is easier done in comp. Consider some water droplets in the lens after breaching, it might help you. It's not a great help but I hope it can direct you. Good luck.
  2. Tangent normal maps

    Yes dszs. I believe I managed to solve it, just forgot to post it here though. Created another lighting model and conected the yellow output (BSDF as you said) and voilá, it works! Thanks
  3. Tangent normal maps

    Sorry for diging this post from the grave. I have used the method eetu created to render my maps created in zBrush, but I have one small problem. I want to render out my images using PBR and with eetu's file unless its micropolygon renderer it comes up as black. Any solution? I have been trying but no luck whatsoever. Cheers, A