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  1. Is there a way to change this field $HIP/ipr/$SNAPNAME.$F4.$SAVENUM.exr by default for another one? I have to add $HIPNAME everytime here
  2. Flip Collision issue

    problem solved! it was a Exterior Band, i should increase it! and turn on this checkbox of course
  3. Flip Collision issue

    no, i dont thing its a collision presentation problem, its a velocity collision, but how to solve it idk here is the collision presentation and collision velocity, as u can see that red trails vector have the same bbox shape as my problem
  4. Flip Collision issue

    Hi does anybody familiar with that issue? it happens often and usually gone after some changing but now its still there and i cant fix it, as u see here it looks like a bounding box from colission ship, so i found its a velocity of collision from fluid solver, i use volume representation of the ship, and there isnt any colission on the ship but the fluid solver makes it itself and it wrong, how to do this correct ?
  5. Is it possible to use Narrow band with Layer Tank with ocean i mean ? Im trying to set it up and its not so easy as I thought, or im doing wrong, just to create Layer Tank and switch on Narrow Band in solver, is it not enough i guess?
  6. Fly mode

    so, I made it, almost what I need, if somebody interested in or want to try, welcome! and any comments and changes welcome too) Fly Camera https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NsoI_5LCUGwXKkNW8Zf6_OWkIJcldrZH its asset camera, help and instruction inside right on asset
  7. Fly mode

    yeah, but it works only with gamepad, how to change it for keyboard? Im triyng, but its very buggy, "device transform" node makes houdini crash every time
  8. Fly mode

    Is there a way to make a Fly mode like in other 3d soft using WASD to move forward and backward and by mouse look around? Maybe exist an asset with it, or how to make it inside chop, is it possible? anybody tried? of course with the node Keyboard and Mouse but I have no idea how to move camera forward exactly where am looking at, by normal i guess, and how to rotate by mouse looking around
  9. Leaf Shader - How to get realistic translucency?

    Hi everyone, yes, the previous author is right, i tried the ways with pbr diffuse and way with frontface, nothing works in PBR render mantra, just black grid and thats it, in Raytracing is fine, but i need it in PBR, how to do this ??
  10. Add Point on Surface by Mouse

    edited previous post by adding working simple and useful hda asset instead of just Python code
  11. Add Point on Surface by Mouse

    in your example i have delay after click mouse, about 1 sec or less, its not even close to interactive method =) if u download my hda asset u see only 2-3 node inside and without foreach cuz its too slow, better dont use it if it possible. Stash SOP do the same thing as lock Null node, and its not interactive, im trying to make a system where u dont have to paint big curve line by hand with so many attributes and points, but just 2 points, first one to create the main point and the second one to pick direction and holding it to see where your object look at I actually found great function selectPositions this is what i need! and made some Python code with it, but this code not interactive too, u cant see where the objects look when u create a direction by second point, i dont know how to make it interactive and how use it inside Python node maybe, if it possible Here is the new version hda https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Cy5Q3wnLnLC5aDBfdyufH3RT01nHoXz/view?usp=sharing the Python code on hda node in Type Parameter Click on Scatter button every time you need new object, and this is the second problem im trying to solve, the first one to make it interactive to see where the objects look while holding and moving second point direction
  12. Add Point on Surface by Mouse

    its not so slow but quit enough to see it, anyway in my case i didnt do anything complex in my project, about 10-20 points, but when it would be about 50-100 its a problem i think here is the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VabGmzkV_afqQdAteFuXwlEMVL2HMIwB/view?usp=sharing
  13. Add Point on Surface by Mouse

    Im looking for function or code how to add points on surface by vex or python, if it possible, like the Stroke node do! Or at least expand this node and see how it works (its locked). Actually Im trying to create basic hand scatter (that exist in most 3d soft) where you can pick on surface and create point, only one, by each clicking left mouse, and when you hold it, you can move this point on surface, but this is the next level, and even create a orient for this point =) Btw I created this with Stroke node and vex, but Stroke node is too slow with much points and create too much extra attributes Ps I know about Spray Paint, and its not exactly what i need, i want to create one point at time and move it on surface or change orient, thats it, Spray create only a bunch of points with random position and orientation. If somebody want this asset let me know, ill upload it here, but u can create it yourself, on GIF only 2 nodes you need, stroke and wrangle with this code int points[] = primpoints(0, @primnum); @up = point(0, "P", points[0])-point(0, "P", points[-1]); foreach(int x; points[1:len(points)]) removepoint(0, x);
  14. Perspective Match

    Hi everyone, is there an asset in Houdini like this or somebody know how to do this, or if such asset isnt exist ill try to create it, im looking for a way to do this at least what is it called in math ? something like reverse perspective projection?
  15. Hi everyone, maybe somebody know what is it, this is happens when u have reflection and bump together, any bump actually, clamp and fit didnt help at all, texture has a white point 0.9 and 0 black, and power of bump is 0.1, so everything is ok, seems, but here the screen and black bug i have and here is the simple scene i made, there is only refl and bump and environment scene https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxCxauJ6o6VVWGU1T0M1NW9GT1k i dont know what is it and how to fix it