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  1. does anyone know why this (selectOrientedPositions) gives me always Matrix3 as zero? maybe someone used it somehow? cuz selectPositions works fine, but Oriented isnt i mean i get this and after extractRotates() it gives like this on any points is it broken or what?
  2. Start Orientation Picking

    Hi everyone, is there a way to get this command in python? Start Orientation Picking, i was searching in all documentation, here is nothing about it. Maybe at least somehow to recreate this function, anyway what i need is to create an object and immediately place it on any surface or point. Would be awesome to scale it and rotate it on the same time without release LMB, but i know is fantastic. i was trying to use selectOrientedPositions, thought maybe it will give me the normal of the polygon which i picked in matrix, but no, its just matrix between this new created points would be ideal to have such tool, so im trying to make it, or similar one i actually made some similar some time ago but its fake and not so good, i used some tricky stuff to make, not correct one =) and its using the input geometry, not so useful when you have a lot of geometry and want to create on geo level these objects here is this tool if you interested in https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VabGmzkV_afqQdAteFuXwlEMVL2HMIwB/view
  3. How to set Tags parameter using python

    i have the same question, i found a way but it still not showing in the tags parameters and exact texture in viewport here is the screenshot, you can see i checked everything and it works ok, no errors, but still not showing anything upd: ive been told this is because of parmTemplate i need to setup it and put it back to parameter, somehow, trying to find how
  4. hi from 2k19, dont we still have a way to make time offset for instance in 17.5? without caching files or alembic
  5. how to connect nodes inside geometry with python

    Thanks man! it works perfect!
  6. how to connect nodes inside geometry with python

    better to ask it here, i have similar question but a bit complex, how to create node between connection? is there a python command for it or i should create a tricky bunch of lines for this?
  7. Is there a way to change this field $HIP/ipr/$SNAPNAME.$F4.$SAVENUM.exr by default for another one? I have to add $HIPNAME everytime here
  8. Flip Collision issue

    problem solved! it was a Exterior Band, i should increase it! and turn on this checkbox of course
  9. Flip Collision issue

    no, i dont thing its a collision presentation problem, its a velocity collision, but how to solve it idk here is the collision presentation and collision velocity, as u can see that red trails vector have the same bbox shape as my problem
  10. Flip Collision issue

    Hi does anybody familiar with that issue? it happens often and usually gone after some changing but now its still there and i cant fix it, as u see here it looks like a bounding box from colission ship, so i found its a velocity of collision from fluid solver, i use volume representation of the ship, and there isnt any colission on the ship but the fluid solver makes it itself and it wrong, how to do this correct ?
  11. Is it possible to use Narrow band with Layer Tank with ocean i mean ? Im trying to set it up and its not so easy as I thought, or im doing wrong, just to create Layer Tank and switch on Narrow Band in solver, is it not enough i guess?
  12. Fly mode

    so, I made it, almost what I need, if somebody interested in or want to try, welcome! and any comments and changes welcome too) Fly Camera https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NsoI_5LCUGwXKkNW8Zf6_OWkIJcldrZH its asset camera, help and instruction inside right on asset
  13. Fly mode

    yeah, but it works only with gamepad, how to change it for keyboard? Im triyng, but its very buggy, "device transform" node makes houdini crash every time
  14. Fly mode

    Is there a way to make a Fly mode like in other 3d soft using WASD to move forward and backward and by mouse look around? Maybe exist an asset with it, or how to make it inside chop, is it possible? anybody tried? of course with the node Keyboard and Mouse but I have no idea how to move camera forward exactly where am looking at, by normal i guess, and how to rotate by mouse looking around
  15. Leaf Shader - How to get realistic translucency?

    Hi everyone, yes, the previous author is right, i tried the ways with pbr diffuse and way with frontface, nothing works in PBR render mantra, just black grid and thats it, in Raytracing is fine, but i need it in PBR, how to do this ??