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  1. Fluids not collision with alembic geometry

    How are you colliding with your fluids? View your collision and check your spacing on your vdb. Use the Deforming Object Collision shelf tool it will set up all this for you. Then check collision by turning on collision checkbox in flip and make sure it's high res enough. If not, then turn on collision seperation and make it lower.
  2. JOB variables problem with setenv

    mathieuN, Can you help me get started in connecting python with shotgun? I would like to develop a quick access your shots browser in houdini. The browser would find that user name and limit the shots, episodes, show, based on that user name.
  3. Attached is a file to attempt to help you. I changed it a lot and if you have any questions you can ask. fracturingGeoMaskingForce_help.hipnc
  4. Alembic Points to control smoke/clouds

    You have velocity information from Softimage and it came in just fine. You can turn the icon that is highlighted on to view velocity data in houdini. Can I see a hip file as to what you are trying to achieve? A tornado sim? If you want a volume to keep the velocity information from points you can lay down a vdbfromparticle node, connect your object_merge1 (which has your alembic imported into sops) and then turn on point attributes and select "v". volume data.hipnc
  5. fill mocap volume

    Try this and tell me if that is what you want. You do all your anim on the first frame of the geo, then simply point deform after all your trails are done. Btw you helped me learn something as well with your trail sop. I thought you had to always use the add sop after trail to get lines from points but no you can do everything with trail sop. Thanks for that. Also I didn't know about the minimum position which is amazing! Also you should reduce the number of max points that I have in there. Right now it is 100 I believe you can change it to 10 and it is way faster. trail following anim.hipnc
  6. Custom Wave to Ocean

    houdini 16 now has the awesome wave by curve function in it. Check out the new ocean tools.
  7. channels in houdini can reference point attributes as long as it is only one point. simply reference the point you want to get the velcombined attribute from then use that channel number and copy and paste that channel.
  8. Re-group broken pieces into an object

    Simply take a timeshift node after your sim. On the first frame of your sim keyframe the frame parameter of that node to the end frame of your sim. On the last frame of your sim, keyframe the frame parameter of the timeshift node to the first frame. Done.
  9. Combining sim mesh with non-sim

    Could I see a hip file? Why can't you just merge them together with a merge node? On the dopnet node on object where it says *, delete that and only import your grains object. Don't allow it to get the ground collision geo from dops. Why can't you just replace your sim ground with the original ground but keep the same grain points?
  10. Adding to groups and using If Blocks

    You could use the snippet node entirely instead of the if node. You could lay down the snippet node plug the pcnumfound node into it and say if(pcnumfound > 0) { @group_hello = 1; } however this won't work since pcnumfound is only giving you the number of total points in the radius not the actual point numbers. The only way to do it and it be perfectly accurate would be to do all of your pcopens in vex in a while loop but those are more complicated especially for what you are doing. You can simply have a wrangle after your solver node in sops that says "if(@Cd.r > .1) { @group_hello = 1; } that is the less accurate way but it is perfect for what you are doing.
  11. Art Directed Wall Explosion

    I would do everything he did only I wouldn't do it in a foreach loop. Just paint more if you want more pieces added. Too slow if his geometry is heavy. Instead of painting you could simply group on the inside of a volume of a sphere or something. You can do this after you pack your geo too. You can also display an add sop that has "delete geo but keep points" and highlight your paint node which is above that add node. Your assemble node will be above your paint node. The add sop is only to see what is going on. When going into the sim you want to cut off the add node. I try to avoid for each nodes as much as possible.
  12. Variable friction

    You seem to be asking about two different things. The stick control field is a different setup than variable friction. For variable friction you can do a attrib transfer in a sop solver that transfers colors from your collision geo onto your flip sim, when the flip sim turns blue, say, then make friction increase a lot with a point wrangle? I think that would work? Or just increase friction a lot on your collision geo. A hip file would help as to why you need variable friction. There is an option in flip solver in your "volumes motion" tab under "collisions" there is stick on collision. It has a falloff field as well.
  13. Noise Control using Colour

    Do all your velocity settings on scattered points on the inside of a volume. At the very end of all your manipulation lay down a attribwrangle and make the attribute you created = vel. Then create a volume using volume sop (Can be the same one you created your points with). call it vel and make it a vector attribute. Lay down an volume from attribute node and set the attribute to vel. lay down a volume trail sop and view it and set the velocity volume to vel.* That should work. However, this method you aren't going to get a nice falloff. From the picture you will need to create a nice falloff. So be sure your points have nice falloffs to their turbulence adjustments. I'm not sure how to make the falloff adjustments with different frequences.
  14. Importing Curves from Maya

    Maybe try laying down convert node to make sure they are geo? Just shooting off ideas. Maybe try importing as fbx instead of alembic. Maybe try different file type of alembic (owaga). Delete all attributes of curves after they come in? Maybe resample the curves? Houdini still tends to be very slow reading in files for some reason.
  15. very very basic question - clouds&sand storm

    Welcome to the almost limitless, amazing, and frustrating world of Houdini. Start small projects and build up. If you are too ambitious you may never finish. Learn how to say control points by force then learn how to do pyro.. etc. Take small steps to learning a new fx. Edit = just realized this post was so old. Gonna delete it.