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  1. Pyro spawn cycle

    Looks like you want more gravity, stronger advection on the particles, and faster fire with more disturbance, higher burn rate (and less fuel Ineffciency), and larger scale turbulence feature and stronger. It's a hard thing to match things like this with nearly 100 different parameters. I'd try to match the first first with at least 4x coarser sim, you know...
  2. Drag&Drop Contents

    The scripts are all right next to each other. No way externaldraganddrop.py could have loaded one and not seen the other two (nodes_color and type_extensions). The exact error is: File Drag/Drop Errors Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>",line 4, in <module> ImportError: No module named type_extensions And, if I comment out that import line I then get the same error for nodes_color
  3. Congratulations, first of all! This seems like a lot of work. I've never done any cloud rendering so I am curious as to the savings and look forward to more good news.
  4. Wip: Neurons :)

    Excellent, reminds me of the Digital Domain work on the intro to Fight Club!
  5. Drag&Drop Contents

    I was excited to try this, but after installing in my scripts directory and testing with dropping in an abc file I got two error messages: - Load failed for <abc file path> (but it still renames the current scene to that abc path) & - File Drag/Drop Errors ImportError: No module named type_extensions Then I copy/pasted the contents of the type_extensions.py and the nodes_color.py into the externaldragdrop.py and it works. Weird.
  6. That looks perfect, I bet it'll work. Thanks mate!
  7. How would you auto-magically remove the trailing "1" after an instance of a custom OTL? It seems like there should be some on-creation script location, somewhere...
  8. Horror VFX

    I just had a notion about a themed master class based on movie genre instead of just simulation type... then I found your old thread here! Thanks for the additional inspiration! At this point those FEM sims would be in Vellum, I'm sure. I was also thinking of: - Atmospheric smoke, like a fog machine - Head shot, with brains and blood - Tattered skin, with dripping ooze
  9. crop empty space around generated text

    I'm pretty sure you're going to have to use the SOP context if you need this to be auto-magical. So, if you're stuck with the images and can't re-render them, I suggest using the Trace SOP to generate geo from your images and then bbox from there. Otherwise, if you're completely set on doing it entirely in COPs you'll probably need to do some VEX magic looking at every freaking pixel and write reams of code (10-20 lines?).
  10. Building destruction by laser beam

    lovely! And great job pushing it all through, seems like a lot of data. plusses: great motion and weight notes: you got some floating chunks that are unrealistically connected to their clusters, the dust looks too smooth and too much the same everywhere, I'd want to see more variation in the chunks and their group sizes, and more medium bits, and glass
  11. crop empty space around generated text

    I would alter the camera's resolution based on the bounding box of the text its self before rendering, if that's an option available to you.
  12. Unified Noise - Static

    Ah ok, I could get rid of them by increasing the source min/max to 0.1 and 0.11 . Then the grey portions turn into black pools. If you don't want those you may want to go with a more SOP solution than VOP using voronoi and some attribute noise on P and then ray back onto original geo. Or you can use edgeFracture or findShortestPath to create those lines.
  13. Unified Noise - Static

    Because of the noise type you chose? Looking at your network I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve. A lot of that functionality seems built into the univied noise vop. That fit from 0.02 to 0.06 also seems weird to me.
  14. Space Colonization

    OH no, it ended too early! I wanted to see the character move around. Seriously though, very pretty.
  15. Lambda SOP

    I'm not sure how I'd use this, or what organization I'd need to take advantage of it fully. However, after taking a peek into your other videos, the rest of your work is pretty mind blowing.