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  1. Try to attributeTransfer SOP your normals from the polyframe to the curves coming from your foreach. Also you'll want to remember copying to points with Normals puts the copied object aligned there with its Z-axis. BrickWall_suggestions.hipnc
  2. Earthquake in Paris

    OH wow, there's a lot going on in there. Great looking! The people on top of the monument are GREAT! I wish the cars were moving and birds were flying and there were people running around the cars. The destruction doesn't look motivated to me, like, where's the shaking? I wanna see shaking.
  3. Clustering wood fractures

    Please post hip files for maximum helps.
  4. Clustering wood fractures

    You splinters look waaaaaaaaay too long.
  5. This is what you want:
  6. DPX image format?

    Is there any way to get Houdini to recognize and be able to use DPX image files? It's a pretty old format. I was surprised to learn recently that Houdini doesn't know about it.
  7. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    From my meager understanding of computer science this is an impossible feat. As in there's no function that can predict when another function will finish. And knowing when a process or subprocess will complete is necessary to know to successfully halt it. I figure getting instant stopping would require an additional hook on every function in the software that waited for additional user input which would then slow everything down. Also a progress bar would require Houdini to know how long a function took, but how would it know without doing it first? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halting_problem
  8. Bounce trees with explosion

    Depends on the state of the geometry I got. First I'd use a low rez proxy of the tree for timing, just animating it up and down, and get approval on that. Then I'd do some R&D into mid rez trees with a vellum cage as the shading gets hammered out in the texture/surfacing department. Then I'd so some R&D into getting the leaves to jiggle believably, probably copy stamps or instances, either with the rotations being the main thing. Then I'd probably be moved over to another shot and forget about it for a while. Then it'd come back with new animation and I'd need to update everything. Then I'll get final approval on the shading then go forward with final sims, probably do two or three master trees in high rez and copy them around with rotation and timing offset. TL;DR : Vellum.
  9. Are you changing point counts in a single ABC sequence? Are you using individual files for the ABC files? Have you tried to duplicate the bug with a minimal scene setup?
  10. Render specific frames

    Playblast or Mantra? What have you tried that didn't work? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/out/ifd
  11. Spotlight instancing on deforming geo

    I found the key is to add your instanc SOP of your lights to your Force Objects list in Mantra. It won't show up in your light lists because it's not a light. But it will cast light even though it's a normal object.
  12. Softbody, FEM or Vellum?

    Vellum totally screams, so I'd use that. I'm not sure what you mean by cells and pores, so I can't help you there. You might want to attach your softbody to an anchor then animate your anchor through your pore. If it's something like a huge jello through a small window.
  13. How would you render the furthest ray hit surface? I'm not even sure where to start. Well, that's not entirely true. I have an altered shader using IsFrontFace to "turn off" the camera facing polygon. The problem is that this only gives me the next surface behind the first. Which is great if one is rendering a simple convex shape. But for a more complicated concave shape, like a wildly rippling blob of liquid, this isn't very usefull for comp. notBackHelp.hip
  14. I have a bit of experience with flames. What you want to control for the shape are a few things: Source of your fuel, how much density is coming out and how fast. Disconnect this resolution from your pyro shape so you have less trouble changing up the pyro resolution. Simulation: Cooling Rate / Temperature Diffusion, closer to 1 and 0 respectivly for tighter control in the Shape tab... Combustion: Gas Released, as low as possible. This is more for explosions, but it can give you some ooomph. Burn Rate / Fuel Inefficiency, closer to 1 and 0 respectivly for quicker flames. Shape: Disturbance, control tightly with temperature. You'll want to preview this. And overall: Test, test, test. Pyro is difficult. Work rough to fine, coarse to high resolution. And only on as few frames as possible for look.
  15. Have you got it installed and working and what jumped right out at you and is your instant best-friend? Not "What looks cool?" to try out, those can sometime fall by the wayside. But what actually attaches its self to the way you work? Or maybe it's too early to say.