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  1. Create a center line

    It's impossible to help you without a hip file. Please upload one so we can see the broader context of your setup. "Center line" is ambiguous. Please provide demonstration geometry and a rough-in geo of what you expect to see.
  2. Title Sequence Needed for Short Film

    Can't work with this personally, but can give some helpful time saving advice... get yourself a storyboard with a timing sound track. Maybe start with miming what you want to happen with your hands or some props or drawn on paper in front of a camera. Then edit the beats to what you like. This will save you tons of time and money and frustration. Buy maybe you already know this. I have no way of telling. If you do, then please ignore me.
  3. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    Those aren't grains. We're looking at geometry constrained to the grains. It's basically Vellum Cloth. If you want hard little spheres start from points, not geometry. Here's a quick intro to grains to illustrate the actual operative piece of geometry:
  4. Mac Pro with limited funds

    If you have $9000 to spend on a rig you're better off buying a box for Linux. Waaay more bang for your buck. If you buy all the components from the same store they can usually put it together for you. This was my rig I put together last year for $4000 and it's screamingly fast. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4hGHsZ Also consider rendering with Redshift.
  5. Vellum Grains into Mess ?

    Because you have a bunch of overlapping grains and there's no other way to resolve them. Use a polygon sphere instead of a mesh, and redefine your grain sizes so they don't overlap. Vellum HATES overlapping points and will explode.
  6. Semi regular parallel backup?

    Close! The winner is https://rsnapshot.org/ I finally remembered that the backup directories are ".snapshot" not ".backup" And yes, a cron job 100%
  7. Semi regular parallel backup?

    While at a couple different studios (DD, FrameStore, DNeg) I think I correctly recall that they had a system setup on Linux where your smaller files (not caches) would be saved to daily in a ".backup" folder next to the folder being backed up /usr/kleer/docs would be regularly backed up in (I think) /usr/kleer/.backup/docs And is was like that for lots of directories. Or something like that. I can't exactly remember. And the search terms are so vague I can't find what this particular backup workflow is called. I can't even recall if they're on a separate disk or on the same disk as the original path. This was really useful when trying to recover a mis-saved file or some other snafu and I'd love to implement it on my home machine, but what the freak is it?!
  8. Semi regular parallel backup?

    Hahaha, yea, that's probably how it was implemented. That's how almost any regular function happens. But sadly that doesn't help with my question.
  9. Control is an illusion. Unless of course you created this tool for a client. Then, technically, it's not yours.
  10. Learn Processing before VEX?

    There are enough VEX and Wrangle SOP resources that you can dive directly into it without needed to learning something else beforehand. That is, of course, unless you're planning on learning Processing anyways, then, yes, it will be a little bit of help just like Twan said.
  11. pyro not straight?

    without more information no one can help you please post a simplified version of your scene so someone can help you
  12. Cloth wrapping animation

    Cutting up the task into multiple shots will help you a lot. That way you don't need to have any continuity between actions. I don't suspect that you'll need to use much or any scripting or vex.
  13. 3D to 2D(UV) and back to 3D

    Have you tried playing with a v@rest position attribute? Set it for your base geo before you flatten it. Add another one, say v@rest2 to the 2D version. Set the position back to their initial rest, then move the points the difference between the rest and rest2. That will give you absolute transforms. But that won't be useful, say, on a sphere. A better bet might be to duplicate your initial flat geo then point deform your modified geo based on the transformation of your initial flat back to the initial 3D. That's probably your best bet.
  14. Vellum grains

    Did you turn off "ignore mass" on your POP force node ? Please provide a simple version of your problem in a hip file for more detailed help.
  15. opacity map in Principled shader

    The Transparency texture isn't working for you?
  16. Could you use an Add SOP and build the line from 0-$N ?
  17. Color into smoke from combustion

    I think that'd be a shader thing with a switch and bunch of hand tuned Material SOPs. And then have the same switch controlling which of several pyro solver gets output. That's what I'd do if it were one setup per burning material/solver. Several burning materials in one solver? I'd have switches pumping in different emission volumes into the solver too. Not a trivial exercise, sounds like fun!
  18. Color into smoke from combustion

    Visually, what are you trying to accomplish? If we generated a Cd field from a scalar field (heat, temp, burn, etc) I'm sure it'd be monochrome.
  19. Color into smoke from combustion

    Hi Dave! I just did some colored smoke, like last week. Sadly, it was a dumb straightforward solution. I'm sure there must be some clever way to extract the burn or heat fields, noise them up and then emit Cd from them. First I created my fire sim. Got it the way I liked. Then used the same source geo with some Cd noise and emitted colored smoke from that in another separate sim. Then I used the velocity field from the first sim. I figured that gave me the most control. I did use an offset noise from the fuel/burn/temperature emission in the original sim because otherwise the colors would be pretty bland as they would exactly correspond to the burning. The key in comp was to use the fire_mask from the original fire sim as the Cd will continue off far longer into space and not look like fire at all. However, I did find a sneaky little gotcha that chewed up a few hours of frustration. Do not, under any circumstances, add Cd to the Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic DOP in the Extra Resize Fields or the Reference Field. Why? From what I understand the internal blurring in the Cd field means that if it can it will greedily expand and take up more and more volume every step with minimal or no actual color value in it. You'll end up with a monster box. And not in a good way.
  20. Proper scale for FLIP

    From what I understand the "small scale" is the size of the resolution. So, I guess, try to keep it above 0.01 and scale your scene around that. As for speed all you need to do is follow your reference. Eye-ball it.
  21. How to model a difficult flower shape?

    In Zbrush??? I think polygons will be easier to manipulate than curves.
  22. Any way to get the cmiVFX L-System tutorials?

    > L-System node hasn't changed You are correct. AFAIK it's never changed. Why? Because it's not useful. In my 21 years of experience with Houdini I've only seen it used in production once. That was on the original Live Action Grinch who Store XMas with Jim Carry. Where was it used? To make the gigantic pine tree in the Whoville square. Those crazy guys at DD actually printed out some of the FF+F+FF+fFF instruction nonsense, but stopped and killed the job when they realized it would take hundreds of pages to print it out. And since then there's been a renaissance of tree building techniques and companies that will sell you pre-built trees for almost any popular species. Look, I love L-systems. They're a fun idea and a good introduction to fractals. But IMHO they're useless. Oh, no, wait, I think I remember they were used in Frozen maybe? Still, you can do way more with particles and a SOP Solver.
  23. Houdini UI broken on new Dell XPS 2-in1

    If all else fails you can use one of the several remote workstation setups like Atheria.