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  1. Same problem here. Makes it really hard to do proper viewport captures when using transparency. Sad, but I find myself exporting objects to Blender allot these days. Nvidia RTX 2080 Super
  2. Random Walk SSS is now available in H18. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/principledshader.html
  3. What is wrong with PolyExtrude? Maybe I'm missing something? hdni_thickness_PExtrude.hipnc
  4. Non mathematical way. I'm sure there are much better ways to do this, but it might get you thinking. prim.mp4 prim.hipnc
  5. Too late, but you could also just use a polywire on the curve. Then use Polybridge between the sphere and the polywire. That way you can edit the curve at hearts content. Pbridge.mp4 PBridge.hipnc
  6. I have submitted this as a RFE to SideFX. Would be very useful for allot of things. #95725
  7. Trying out Alexey Vanzhula's modeling tools called Direct Modeling Tools. Awesome workflow and it speeds up the process allot. I had no idea what to model so it's a bit long. Video of the process here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaQ3ZgyDJEo
  8. Some as above with falloff control and For-Each instead of copy stamp. curve_bend.hipnc
  9. or maybe this... curve_bend.hipnc curve_bend.hipnc
  10. Ring selection works very well. Why change it? Does PolyExtrude not give you that same thing as Shell modifier in max?
  11. Absolutely amazing! Love the mix of shapes in the last renders.
  12. That is super cool. Beautiful render Paul!
  13. Dimitris, great to see you here. I love the renders you did. Great shading and lighting. I can stare at these patterns all day long.
  14. Very exited about this one. I think allot of people will benefit. How high did you push the generations in your file? It looks insane at 15 repeats or more... Thanks Mestela!
  15. No, your explanation is great. Looking at your file, I got the foreach loop part right(thanks to the Masterclass tutorial). I could not find a way to make the clip SOP to work. That is when I got lazy and posted here. My mind was heading in the right direction, but only starting to learn VEX now. I can see how much more control I will have once I understand it better. It would be awesome if you placed it on your wiki. The format and explanation is easy to follow, and would help me to understand the VEX part. Thanks for the incredible resource and effort. Your wiki page is permanently open on my pc. Now, the idea is to see if I can ad two more clip SOPS at -45 and 45, so that it randomly switches between the 4 angles. Thanks again.
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