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  1. Seems to be great! Let's try ! Thanks!
  2. Nuke opininons

    thanks all of you, all advices are really valuable and useful. I want to try this program but I think will make my first steps with Nuke on traial version because so far to buy Nuke is too expensive for me.
  3. Nuke opininons

    Hello. I am thinking to start learning Nuke. I heard a lot of good opinion about this program. So far I was just using Adobe After Effects. Is here someone who was using both programs and is able to compare them a bit? I'm just afraid about few things: if my computer will be strong enough for Nuke and how much cost licence for Nuke, is it expensive? Any other information will be welcomed.
  4. Hello! I am using form some time 3D max and I have some problem with textures. Precisely with Unwrap modificator. With simple shapes there is no problem, its not that difficult to do map. But last time I was trying to do the map for plane f16. Plane was almost all in one piece. And I had problem to do nice looking map. Do you have some method to do good map form the complicated shapes?